The Celestial War (TCW) it's a Nuzlockes series created by Sarachan89. She made three of them: Fire Red, Heart Gold and Emerald.


  1. Catch only one pokemon per area
    • Dupes Clause
    • Different Areas: These area are considered different: Route 2 North and South (Fire Red), the areas of the Safari zone (Fire Red, Emerald, Heart Gold), Route 104 South and North (Emerald), areas of the caves.
  2. Faint = Dead. Permabox.
  3. Fossils, gift, shiny, ecc are totally free

Total storyEdit

Comic runsEdit

individual runs MC game starter status notes
TCW Fire Red Sara FireRed Charmander ongoing First of the three TCWs created. Sara is an angel, and the only survivor after Mewtwo attacked her town.
TCW Heart Gold Takeaku HeartGold Cyndaquil ongoing Takeaku was forced to join Team Rocket by Archer and tasked with killing all league-affiliated Pokemon.
TCW Emerald Yami Emerald Treeko ongoing Most humor-filled of the three runs.


  • The word "TCW" came from "The Celestial War". TCW is an Italian Fantasy roleplay forum that Sarachan89 created 4 years ago and it's still active.
  • All the pokemon that She have and I will have in future pages, have the name and the characterization of the TCW players characters. In other words, those pokemon are the characters that are in the RP Forum. There can be exception for some things, but She'll tell for sure if there will be.
  • The main characters are Sarachan89's OC.
  • If in the Nuzlocke comic, there is a couple, that's mean that in the RP Forum, those two character there are really together. Same thing if they have a child.
  • The Story and the event of Sarachan's nuzlocke comics, are created by her. Obviously only for the comic purpose. Except for the character story (like Crystal & Loki). She took the story from them, but she changed some thing for let them fit better for the comic.

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