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Salt & Pepper is a comic written by Windmill_Key (aka Frey-ofthe-Arcane), based on the events of Pokemon LeafGreen, and is the first volume of a slated three (spanning LeafGreen, Crystal, and White). It started up in March 2011 and is currently ongoing. A mix of traditional and digital methods are used, as is colour. Chapter 5 has recently begun.


  1. A fainted pokemon must be boxed or released.
  2. Only the first pokemon encountered in each area may be captured (Dupes clause is On.)
  3. All Pokemon must be named.


Rika, a happy-go-lucky, pink-haired fourteen-year-old girl, sets out one day to retrieve her stolen meowth. On this journey she decides to finally look for her older brother as well, who went missing some years ago. Naturally, along the way she gets into some trouble... But a little death and danger won't keep this chipper protagonist down for long!

This nuzlocke focuses more on the trainers than the pokemon thus far.


Salt & Pepper updates page-by-page on both its Nuzlocke page and its SmackJeeves page. It also updates in blocks of 6-9 pages every half a chapter on Frey-ofthe-Arcane's deviantArt.

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