The Sacred Gold typelocke is a Nuzlocke format in which the player uses to generate 17 different pokémon, one of each type. Then, they find the lowest, level 5 evolution of that pokémon they can, and edit those pokémon into the game. The player may, however, use the starter. It follows the rule that if any pokémon faint, they must be released. However, there is no catching of pokémon allowed, and you may only use the 18 given.


  • You may only generate one of each type (excluding multi-types), no legendaries or NFE pokémon allowed.
  • A fainted pokémon must be released or permaboxed.
  • Only generated pokémon may be used; no catching
  • Generated pokémon must be reduced to lowest evolution form, and level 5.
  • Goal is to finish with all 17 generated + 1 starter pokémon.
  • Challenge Rule- You may exclude dragon from the list of generated pokémon if you wish.


Please add to this page if you know anything about this Nuzlocke Challenge.

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