Rudi s gold playlocke rules by rudisnikda-d5zopyk

Rules for the NoNu.

Rudi's Gold Nuzlocke Novela
by RudiSnikda
Began 3/29/13
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 1 chapter
Game information
Game Gold
Region Johto
Chosen starter's type Grass
Comic description
Media Digital
Coloring No color
Protagonist Original design
Story details
Genre Adventure
Plot game-based
Pokemon Psychiclike-speech
Nuzlocke Forum

A nuzlocke starting out is about Rudi's adventure in the Johto region with his companion Rose, It has a references from Doctor Who, there's some comedy but It's more for the adventure.There are 9 Chapters, Each will have at least 1 gym leader battle in each chapter = with the final chapter having all the Elite Four and Champion battle. It started in March 29th, 2013.

The RulesEdit

Gold NoNu Starts with the basics Then it gets more unique with the other rules.

  1. When a Pokemon faints, it's dead and boxed forever.
  2. Can only catch the first Pokemon they encountered in an area.
  3. When you get your pokeballs the Nuzlocke starts.
  4. Gift/Events/Eggs Pokemon are fair game.
  5. The added sum of every number in your ID is the number you choose for your starter. Example: ID: 05654. 0+5+6+5+4=20=2+0=2
  6. All Pokemon MUST be nicknamed.
  7. Caves have diffrent parts and Rivers/Lakes/Ponds are seperate areas
  8. Can't catch duplicates unless that said dup is one that you previously caught and it died.


(summary to go here)


  1. Doctor, Rudi's Mareep is a parody of the very famous British show: Doctor Who.
    • When he evolves he make a 'sonicwoodriver' built out of a log, two metalprods, electrical wires and tape, and an old light bulb.
    • when he also evolves he materialize clothes and glasses
  2. Rudi's background and family comes alot from the creators actual family
    • Rudi's mother: Karmen, is named after Snikda's Mother: Carmen, and Kenjamin is named after his younger brother Kenyatta
    • Kenjamin Stands for Right-Hand Man
  3. Almost every Pokemon in Rudi's main team is named after a person from Doctor Who.
    • Rose is named after Rose Tyler, the first companion of the reboot of Doctor Who in 2005, but in the first chapter of the nuzlocke, Rudi names Rose after the flower because of the buds on her neck.
    • Doctor is named after Doctor Who himself.
    • Martha is named after Martha Jones, a companion of the tenth regeneration of the Doctor before leaving to join UNIT.
    • Donna is named after Donna Noble, The Doctor's Second Companion after Martha Jones when she left to join UNIT
    • Rory is named after Rory, another companion of the Doctor's but in his eleventh reincarnation, Married to Amy Pond.


Gold:NoNu is available on RudiSnikda's deviantArt gallery.

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