A Rotatelocke is a variant of Nuzlocke that demands the player's team never be the same after every gym badge.  

Fixed Rules Edit

These are the rules that define a RotateLocke and are required for the challenge to be definite.  

Rule 1: Name Pokemon.  

Rule 2: You may catch as many Pokemon as you want in a route. (As long as it is not of the same evolution line it may be caught; Ratata, Pidgey are okay. Herdier and Stoutland are not. Shinies may be caught and used regardless if it would normally fall until Duplicates clause or Rule 3.)  

Rule 3: After every gym leader battle, all Pokemon except your starter may not be used. This forces the player to keep changing their team.  

Rule 4: A White/Blackout is considered game over. 

Rule 5: Since the player may catch as many Pokemon as they wish to in a Route, static Pokemon found on the map or inside of houses are allowed to be used 


Optional Rules Edit

Dice roll for the Starter. 

Any routes that came before a gym leader's town/city (Route 1, 2 up to Pewter City) may not be valid areas to catch Pokemon. However, Pokemon caught in town/cities (usually by fishing) ignore this rule, and may be caught regardless.  

The player may play in Set battle mode.  

The player may restrict their team member numbers to be equal to the Rival, Gym Leader or other important opponents such as Elite Four members, Evil Team Bosses and Champions. 

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