Revengelocke is a Nuzlocke with one minor difference, that doesn't take into affect until post-game. On your Nuzlocke journey, you gained some pokemon, battled many, defeated the champion, lost essential members, etc. But what if you wanted one final challenge to end your run? That is where the Revengelocke comes into play. 


There are few rules. The first being regular Nuzlocke rules, or whatever Locke you played before you defeated the Elite 4 (post-game).

The second and new rule is simple: Every pokemon that had died along your journey, now comes back to take revenge against your latest team in a battle to the death. Every stat, level, item, ability, gender (optional), and EV is copied onto the dead mons.

Additionally, normal "death" rules still apply, revives/max revives may still not be used, however healing items may be used in between and during battles. 

Optional RulesEdit

It is recommended when a pokemon dies prior to this that it be placed in a box so its stats and item information may be saved for the final battles. 

The method for adding a team that mirrors your dead pokemon may vary, and is dependent on how the user chooses to add it into the game, thought it is suggested that you create trainers or edit existing ones that you have not fought through methods of exploition. If more than 6 pokemon have died, then multiple trainers may be created. You may not change your team members for other ones during the phase between battles.

This version of Nuzlocke may be treated more of as a final revision/addition to a nuzlocke run in case the player wants an extra challenge, and should be considered optional.

    • Note: I apologize if this is already a Locke or suggested, because I don't know if it was :P.

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