Resistance Arc One.

Resistance is a Nuzlocke by Fabusol (previously Subsolanus) that follows Gold through the game whilst covering the subplots of Silver, the Indigo League and many other mysteries. Arc 1 was published on February 8th 2013 and is 28 chapters long (Prologue included.) According to the author, the run will end on Arc 4.


1. You may only catch the first Pokemon on each area

2. If a Pokemon faints it can never be used in battle again.

  • In the case of a complete whiteout, you can use boxed Pokemon.

3. Battle style is "set".

4. Must nickname all Pokemon.


Resistance was first published on February 8th 2013 by Fabusol on DeviantArt, and is a written run loosely based on Pokemon Heart Gold. The story is set in a world where Pokemon are wild and savage, their existances a threat to modern society. The run follows Gold Heart, an emotionally traumatised young man who possesses the peculiar ability to understand these creatures. His adventure is one of much strife as he hurtles through the world with one desire always on his mind, to protect New Bark Town, even if he has to go against the supposed oppressive Indigo League to do so.


  • Despite being a serious nuzlocke run, it has inspired many crack/comedy based art. Some of these are from very popular artists including Wasserbienchen and Mad-Revolution.
  • Apparently it is highly shippable, ships include: WilVer (Will x Silver), Bickershipping (Agatha x Lorelei), TortureShipping (Gold x Proton), Gold x Bugsy (in some quarters) and... many more... most of these are Homoerotic, despite the character's real sexualities.



Resistance is available on Subsolanus' dA gallery and on the Nuzlocke Forums.

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