Title Card featuring Robin the torchic.

Redemption's Fall is a literature run written by Cypher DS.  It follows the journey of a disembodied soul named Virgil as he struggles to escape a hellish afterlife.  The first chapter was published on November 29, 2011 and is currently ongoing.


  1. Only the first non-ghost pokemon encountered in each area may be caught.
  2. Only one pokemon of each type may be caught, excluding ghost types.  Flying type is classified as "Normal/Flying".
  3. If a pokemon faints then its mortal life has ended.  Seal it in a storage box titled "Purgatory".
  4. One ghost pokemon may be caught for each soul in Purgatory.  The gender and nickname of this ghost must correspond with those of the lost soul.
  5. Ghost pokemon cannot hold, use or benefit from any items in or out of battle.
  6. If a ghost pokemon faints then its connection to the mortal world is severed.  Seal it (and its mortal equivalent from Purgatory) in a storage box titled "The Inferno".
  7. In exchange for condemning a legendary pokemon to Hell you may rescue one lost pokemon from Purgatory.  If a resurrected pokemon faints a second time then seal it in the Inferno.


Redemption's Fall takes place in an unnamed world based on the Hoenn region.  Humans brought to this world are incapable of aging or dying, and will regenerate any physical wound.  In exchange for these miracles the population is afflicted with a selective amnesia that renders them incapable of remembering their past life.

Throughout his travels, protagonist Virgil discovers that this world is actually Purgatory - a dumping ground for Heaven's unwanted souls - and that the people of this realm are all disembodied souls sentenced to spend eternity in a prison ruled by a demonic Emperor. 

The only means of escaping Purgatory is to "conquer the Seven Sins", by which Virgil interprets he must defeat the Emperor and his six regional leaders.  Virgil is accompanied on his quest by a variety of wild pokemon, many of which appear and behave differently from their earthly equivalents ...


  • Virgil's pokemon are named after characters from various Japanese anime.  Each pokemon has also inhereted the personality and traits of their namesake.
  • Since Hoenn's only native dragon species (Bagon) is available only after defeating the Elite Four, Virgil will never be able to obtain a dragon-type pokemon.
  • Pokemon in Redemption's Fall often possess altered states or abilities, from zigzagoons composed of black smoke to a nosepass that excretes a tar-based lifeform from its mouth.


Redemption's Fall is available on the Nuzlocke forums, as well as on Cypher's personal deviantArtand pages.

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