Red Writing on the Walls
by Auddits
Began July 16th, 2012
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates Currently with 4 Parts with varying pages.
Finished TBA
Game information
Game Fire Red
Region Kanto
Chosen starter's type Grass
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring monochromatic, occasional color
Protagonist Original Design
Story details
Genre Humor, Action, Suspense
Plot Original Game-Based
Pokemon Can talk with Humans
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Red Writing on the Walls, also known as Auddits' Fire Red Nuzlocke: A Crappy Manga Nuzlocke, is a regular Nuzlocke run of Pokemon FireRed Version. It is a comic that is drawn and written by deviantArt user Auddits. It follows Brad, the genderbent protagonist, on her - or his - journey in Kanto. Although it starts off cheerful, Brad learns that this "Pokemon World" is different than what the videogames from her world let on.

The comic is currently ongoing and is updated with four pages weekly on the weekends.


  1. Only capture the first Pokemon in every area. If it is unable to be captured, then the catch is lost.
  2. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead.
  3. Nickname every Pokemon.



"Red Writing on the Walls" Fire Red Nuzlocke Cover.

The comic is styled to appear more as a manga, separated into several pages than a comic strip. However, the chapters have an irregular amount of pages. Like most Nuzlockes, it was a run that was supposed to be entirely comedic, but a plot beginning to emerge is now proving that it's not all laughs.

It was first created on a whim as something to do on the side and as an attempt to get better at drawing consistently.


A girl, more or less classified as a hermit who doesn't do anything but sleep all the time and play video games, mysteriously wakes up in a windowless blue room with her gender being asked by a relatively familiar professor she remembers in her video games. Thinking that it's some sort of really cool virtual reality game, she lies to Oak about her gender and name. Setting off from the small and quaint Pallet Town, she begins her journey in Kanto, along with a Bulbasaur she receives from Oak, to go on a kind of... different adventure with Pokemon.

Through a series of events, we follow Brad as she--or he, realizes that this game isn't really a game at all.


Warning: Contains spoilers.

Main Characters

  • Brad: An 18 year old girl who became a boy upon entering the Pokemon universe. Her life before entering the Pokemon universe is currently unknown. She enjoys manga, anime, and Korean dramas. Her character is rather brash and flippant. She tends to be blunt and accept apologies quickly. It is known that she has a fear of bugs.
  • Tits Oak: Nicknamed as "Titters," is Brad's 16 year old rival from Pallet Town. In the beginning, he was a very angry man. His Grandpa, Professor Samuel Oak, never saw him as his own grandson. While trying to one up Brad anywhere he can, he comes to the realization that Brad is female through a weird dream he had. He has softened up after his battle against Brad in Cerulean, where his Pidgeotto used gust against Brad and knocked her unconscious.
  • Dina: A 12 year old member of Team Rocket. She has a weird accent and is extremely cocky and mischevious. She had joined Team Rocket after she and her older brother were saved by a scientist in Team Rocket. They were eventually adopted, and the three of them were happy together until their new father disappeared one day. She owns a shiny squirtle named Donnie.
  • Brad's Friend: A mysterious hooded man with shifty actions. He visits Brad in her dreams when she is unconscious or sleeping and is Brad's self proclaimed friend. He is known to care a lot for her.

Side Characters

  • Professor Samuel Oak: Tits' Grandpa and renowned Pokemon Professor in Kanto. He is rather "derpy." He has two grandchildren, but seems to only remember Daisy Oak. He believes Brad is his Grandkid when Tits is.
  • Mr. Aiden Mann: One of Professor Oak's aides, also known as "Mister Aide Man" by Bread. He delivers parcels to Brad and Tits. He takes care of starter pokemon and researches pokemon on the side.


  • Bread (Brad's Ivysaur): Bread is young and curious. He was raised within the lab and enjoys playing with pokemon his age. He asks a lot of questions and tends to mimic other members in the party and Brad. He has strong morals and cares a lot for his friends. He calls humans he is acquainted with with either "Mister" or "Miss" before their name. He is the youngest in the group.
  • Captain (Brad's Pidgeotto): Captain is smaller and chubbier than the average pidgey. Often being looked down for being "short" and "stubby," he uses that outlook as motivation to work harder. Although he is jolly by nature, he is rather hotheaded at times and kicks up a fuss. He has a tiny pegleg and wears a little sailor hat given by his cousin Sheila.
  • Sheila (Brad's Mankey): Sheila thought of herself as Captain's older sister rather than a cousin. She's overprotective and loves to baby Captain whenever she can. However, she harbors a secret that makes her guilty of Captain's abandonment of his original family. Unlike other Mankey, she was very bright and cheerful, only using force when needed. She has passed away at level 7.
  • Worm (Brad's Butterfree): Worm is the oldest pokemon in the group. He was accidentally caught in Viridian Forest by Brad. His real name is unknown, as he adopted his best friend's name after he died. He spent his days training to become a butterfree in order to keep his end of the promise he made with his best friend. He is rather sarcastic and generally curious towards his younger peers.
  • Balloon (Brad's Jigglypuff): Hated by Brad on the spot, Balloon reveals her true nature of being rather sassy. On Route 3, she was always praised for being pretty, but she gave that up after feeling that it was worthless. After being alone, she met with a nidoran that changed her life. She has the need to prove herself as being a useful member in the team. She is reckless and goes on rampages whenever she is referred to as weak.
  • Havel (Formerly Brad's Zubat): A cautious little zubat who accidentally fell asleep in Brad's backpack and got himself captured. He refers to people by the sound they make whenever they do not provide a name, and is overall cheerful to new people. However, before stating his intention of being returned to Mt. Moon, he was killed by SFL Member Dan's Slowpoke. He was revived by Dina and is currently in her possession.
  • Vitaly (Tits' Charmeleon): Although raised beside Bread in the same lab, Vitaly was rather smooth in the beginning, not being a man of many words. As time went by, he became rather saucy. Vitaly is a pretty laid back charmander. He started smoking after being agitated that Tits kept complaining about Brad. He doesn't mind losing, but prefers to win. He's kind of cocky and tends to poke fun at others.
  • Sargeant (Tits' Pidgeotto): A snobby pidgey who finds Captain to be a subspecies of pidgey. An eternal rival to Captain, Sargeant killed Sheila in the heat of his first battle against Brad. He enjoys playing the villian character.
  • Tibby "Bra" (Tits' Abra): Semi-confident, but gets intimidated quickly.
  • Mickey "Rachet" Piko (Tits' Rattata): A jittery rattata. He twitches a lot.
  • Donatello "Donnie" (Dina's Wartortle): A mute shiny squirtle belonging to Dina. He tends to mimic Dina's actions and likes to latch onto her scarf when they travel. He doesn't go into his pokeball and is always seen outside. He has a scar from Vitaly's Metal Claw under his chin.
  • Mabel (Dina's Bellsprout): A lively bellsprout that gets rather snappy when people do dumb things.


  • The run was drawn on paper for the first few pages, then switched to digital because the stack of paper being used for the run was becoming "intimidating."
  • The run is updated with 4 pages every weekend due to it being Auddits' favorite number.
  • Brad's appearance and most of his character is based off of the author because they didn't think they were going to take the run seriously.
  • Bread was only named Bread because the author is a glutton and likes to eat bread.
  • Auddits, the author, uses a lot of in game references in the appearance of the cities and trainers throughout Kanto. Their names, appearance, and/or dialogue are used.
  • Instead of fighting Team Rocket as often as he can, Brad also faces an awkward group of youngsters under the name "Shorts for Life Association," shortened to "SFL Association."


The Nuzlocke run is available to read on deviantArt and on the Nuzlocke Forums.

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