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Red Sky is an ongoing written Nuzlocke run, based on Pokemon Fire Red. The story follows a young trainer named Skye, who becomes the victim of a strange condition known as Red Eye as he sets out on his League journey. His story revolves around becoming a Pokemon Master, while trying to discover the mysteries behind Red Eye and the organization known as Team Rocket, who have taken a particular interest in him.


  1. When a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead; it must be permanently boxed and may not be used again.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be captured. If the Pokemon has already been caught, you must flee the battle and retry until you encounter a Pokemon you have not previously caught.
  3. Every Pokemon caught must be nicknamed.
  4. Legendary Pokemon cannot be caught.


Shui the BulbasaurEdit

"Mmm, I'm, like, ready for, you know, whatever."

A lazy absent-minded Bulbasaur, who would rather take a nice nap than have a battle. Always in his own little world, Shui always sees the bright side of a situation.

Lombardi the PidgeyEdit

"What, ya think ya can beat the Lombardi?!"

A brash and cocky Pidgey. He seems constantly determined to remind everyone how awesome he is. Luckily, he can live up to his claims. Usually.

Vesper the BeedrillEdit

"Shut up or fight me. Preferably both."

A cynical world-weary Beedrill, who wears her battle scars proud. She is always ready for a battle, and if there's no battles around, she'll probably start one.

Sovereign the NidoranEdit

"A gentleman never backs down from any challenge."

A civil-minded Nidoran of royal descent, Sovereign always brings an air of class and debonair to the team. He is just as comfortable headbutting people, though.

Broseph the GeodudeEdit


A Geodude of few words. Big and imposing even amongst his species, Broseph always seem to be calm and collected, even when he's beating things up with his bare hands.

Catsby the MeowthEdit

"Dis 'ere ain't no tea party, t'at's f' sure!"

A Catsby with a thick accent, who prowls streets and picks pockets. He is an agile fighter, and he always has an eye on a situation (and anything shiny within a five mile radius).

Astrid the DratiniEdit

"Fear me, evildoers! Justice shall be swift!"

A Dratini who hails from the Dragon Den. She strives to bring down anyone who appears the least bit not-a-good-guy, and strides the line between bravery and foolishness.


  • Red Sky takes place in an alternate continuity, where the key characters (excluding the player character and his mother) are the opposite gender. The continuity of the story remains unknown.
  • Red Sky was one of the Featured Story Runs of 2012, and won the Bronze for Best Mixed Media Run of the Nuzlocke Awards 2012.


Red Sky is found at the official Nuzlocke Forums at this thread. A Tumblr mirror is in progress.

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