1: Pokemon that "faint" are dead.  

2: You may only catch one Pokémon per area.

3: The 'Dupes Clause' does not apply.

4: Your starter cannot leave your party until 'death'.

5: All Pokémon need nicknames.

6: Every 'dead' Pokémon must stay in your party, unless it is your starter.

7: Trading (whether with NPCs or other people) is disallowed.

8: Online features are banned.

9: You may battle ten Pokémon in each area to train. However, this is optional.

10: You may only have one Legendary Pokemon in your party at the same time. Pokémon with a BST of over 600 are banned.

11: Master Balls are banned.

12: The PC can only be used to remove a 'dead' starter from your party.

13: If all of your Pokémon faint and you have no backups to replace your starter (or you have already changed your starter), it is Game Over.

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