Cover of REDRUM Nuzlocke arc one: "Corruption"

REDRUM is a Nuzlocke by angelofcryinghearts on deviantArt. REDRUM stars Vesta Ray, a secretive 16 year old girl, born in Pewter City.

Two years previous to the start of REDRUM, Vesta made it to the elite four with a full team consiting of; Zane the male Charizard, Airon the female Pidgeot, Luna the Starmie, Milla the female Kangaskhan, Vine the male Victreebell, and Prince the male Omastar. Just as she was about to face the champion, Team Rocket intervened.

You see, in Vesta's universe, the Elite, and every major business, was corrupted. Controlled by Team Rocket, and their mysterious Leader, Giovanni.

Vesta and her team fought hard against the Rockets, but it was to no avail. Her team fell, one by one, until it was just Vesta and Zane standing.

So far on her new journey; After being banished from the Kanto Region for two years, she has been taken back to Pallet town, to live with her cousin Lucy. They have permitted her to have pokemon again, under the assumption she had learned her lesson. She took her new starter, Amaranthus the female Bulbasaur, the only starter currently available, and is about to set out from Pallet.... 

The RulesEdit

  • Catch only first Pokemon per route
  • If a pokemon faints, It's dead, permanently box it.
  • Name all pokemon.
  • No trades, in game or otherwise.
  • Black out means game over.
    • Unless Against Legendary.
  • No Using Legendaries in battle.
  • Set Mode: Unless for a major battle.




Vesta First Outfit Reference

Vesta Ray -- 16 -- Born and raised in Pewter City, Kanto. At age ten, she was too sick to start her journey, and for the next three years after, something always came up. So finally at 14, Vesta got to set out on her very own pokemon journey. She chose her starter, the fire type, Charmander. She named him Zaneand together they travelled the region, defeating gym after gym, trainer after trainer. Her actions catching the eye of Giovanni, and the members of team rocket. Reaching the league, Vesta over takes them, until she reached the champion....

Lucy Athena -- 21 -- Born in Pewter City, Kanto. Lucy moved to Hoenn to live with her mother, and step father. She went through a Pokemon journey in Hoenn, and came out on top, becoming champion at 13. She reigned as champion for three years, until she was defeated, loosing almost her whole team. She moved back to Kanto at 20, to be with her father. The only two surviving members of her team being Pepper the male Linoone, and Mike the male Hariyama.

Giovanni Le Teckor -- 35 -- Nothing is known about this mysterious man, or his past. All that is known, is he is the leader of Team Rocket.

Pokemon TeamEdit


Gijinka of Bulbasaur Amara

Position: Leader
Name: Amaranthus


Number: 001
Obtained: Pallet Town
Type: Grass/Poison
Level Met: 5
Nature: Serious
Ability: Overgrow
Nickname: Amara

Amaranthus is Vesta's new starter. She seems to be a kind, but serious girl who is imediately loyal to Vesta.


The author thanks Maguro for the Nuzlocke idea, some plot elements, and the title.


REDRUM is available in angelofcryinghearts' dA gallery.

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