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These are Scarlet, Amaya, and Trisha.

Promises: a nuzlocke is a triple nuzlocke created by Amaya Kita (or VampireKittyinpain23). The three main character of this Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald run are Scarlet, Amaya, and Trisha. The first page was uploaded on August 13, 2012 has two prologues, four parts and is on-going.


  1. Fainted Pokemon are considered dead and have to be placed in a box called "Dead Box" in the PC
  2. Must catch the first Pokemon in each route
    • If it faints, too bad
    • All Pokemon must have nicknames
    • Once a Pokemon is part of the team it stays on the team until victory or death
    • Shiny Pokemon can be caught anytime (if found)
  3. 5 Pokeballs, 1 Potion per shop, per city
  4. When all Pokemon with the trainer faint it is game over (Pokemon in the PC or no Pokemon in the PC
  5. No repels
  6. The PC must be emptied after every gym battle (the dead Pokemon don't count)
  7. Battle style is set


One year before, the three main characters made a bet to go on a Pokemon journey together if the current champion lost and he lost. Having little to nothing in common and because of treachery from the part of Amaya there is not much trust between the tree girls, in fact they hate each other and are always looking for a chance to argue. In this comic both May and Brendan are side characters and none of the main characters are related to the gym-leader Norman in any way. Some things may be different from the game but it is more or less essentially the same plot


Amaya KitaEdit

Promises a nuzlocke 2 - Copy (2)

Amaya Kita was born on Cinnabar Island on May 25, 2001. She has no memories of living there but she does remember or rather feels that her current father is not her father at all. She had no idea who IS her father and she doesn't care about having a piece of her past missing. She moved to Hoenn to live with her father in April 23, 2014 after her best friend Kaori had moved to Johto and her boyfriend Night had left for reasons that he refused to state. Amaya adores visiting her grandmother who lives in Orre (she has not seen her in a while). Amaya can communicate with Pokemon like 47.6% of people. Amaya acts cheerful and naive even though she is actually moody and cold to fool Trisha and Scarlet.

Scarlet CortezEdit

Promises a nuzlocke 2 - Copy (3)

Scarlet Cortez was born in Oldale Town on January 20, 1999. Bullied and tormented by her own brother has made Scarlet an angry, mistrustful person. Scarlet's mother is dead, and her father is often away so for most of her childhood she was alone with Adam (her brother) in an empty house and in a town where no one cared that they were alone with no adult supervision. Scarlet spend most of her time alone at the Pokemon academy at Rustboro until she was called out by Amaya (who was posing as Sara Lee at the moment) for a bet and she agreed. Scarlet does not like being around either Amaya or Trisha but she is not one to break a promise so she is stuck. Scarlet could have the capacity to talk to Pokemon but she is not aware of it because her bond with Pokemon is too weak.

Trisha OwensEdit

Promises a nuzlocke 2 - Copy

Trisha was born in Lilycove City on September 20, 2000 lived most or her life without her father because he had another family that he was forced to spend time with. When her father did come home he would quiz her about the basics of Pokemon training so she studied a lot to please her father whenever he came home. Upon the death of her mother Trisha moved in with her father, his wife and his children all whom hated her for being the child of an affair. Trisha used studying to forget about her weird situation and as a result was the best student in the Pokemon Academy at Rustboro. She was actually glad to leaver her home and travel with Amaya and Scarlet but under no circumstances will she ever tell them. Trisha is a bit of a cautious person who under any other circumstance would have never challenged the league... but here she is. Not capable to talking to Pokemon.

May BirchEdit


May was born in Littleroot Town on October 3, 1997. She spent most of her time since turning 16 with her father helping out in his research. She was also the rival of Brendan Karner on his Pokemon journey on 2013. She takes care of escorting new trainers to the lab to receive their first Pokemon. She is a very perky and talkative person. Can't talk to Pokemon.

Brendan KarnerEdit

Brendan was born in Ecruteak City on June 13, 1996. He is the former champion of the Hoenn region after he forfeit a match against a boy called Wally (who is the new champion). He moved to Littleroon Town because his father had become a gym leader there and traveled along with Wally and May on 2013 at age 17. His mother can heal and communicate with Pokemon! He can communicate with Pokemon or rather he could... he lost his connection to his Pokemon after he refused to battle Wally.

Seiren (January Bell)Edit

Girlfriend of Brendan Karner. She is a member of Team Magma. Not much else is known about her.

Night CortezEdit

Scarlet's cousin. He is from Lilicove City and was born on March 15, 1999. He was away for unknown reasons until he came back to Hoenn to find Amaya. He's her boyfriend ^^


  • Scarlet,Trisha, and Amaya were characters from an old story. Scarlet was a werewolf, Trisha was a half-vampire, and Amaya was a mermaid.


This comic is available on this page: VampireKittyinpain23 or in the  Nuzlocke Forum  Update times vary from 1 month to 3.

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