Depending on how you plan to document your Nuzlocke, you'll need different specialized tools to make your run the best it can be. Here are resources that other Nuzlockers have found useful in creating their runs.

Art ProgramsEdit

Whether you want to draw an entire comic digitally or just touch up a few hand-drawn panels, you'll need a good art program to help you. Here are some popular choices:

Name Price Operating System Description
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Free Mac, Windows Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing software and is used by many professional artists. This older, free version contains more than enough tools for you to draw and edit your comics.
GIMP Free Mac, Windows, Linux A powerful open-source Photoshop alternative. For those who want a more Photoshop-like interface, a mod called GIMPShop is available.
Manga Studio Manga Studio 5 - $80

Manga Studio 4 - $50 (30 day free trial available)

Mac, Windows Manga Studio is specifically designed for comic and manga artists, and has many essential comic-making tools--such as tones and dialogue bubbles--built right in as features.
Paint Tool SAI 5250 JPY - approx. $55 (30 day free trial available) Windows A surprisingly powerful and lightweight drawing application with an intuitive user interface. Doesn't have text tools or advanced photo editing features, so it may need to be paired with another program.
ArtRage $50 (Demo available) Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone Painting software that mimics the way traditional media behaves. It's good for those already familiar with traditional media who want its versatility in digital form.


A good font for comic speech bubbles can make the difference between a page that looks clean and professional and a page that looks amateurish. You can find many high-quality comic fonts at Blambot or 1001 Free Fonts.

Looking for Unown script or the fonts from the Pokemon games? A user from Victory Road has compiled an extensive collection of Pokemon fonts.

Writing ProgramsEdit

"'Notepad'" or "'Wordpad'" are the only basic tools needed for writing, but more robust programs are also available. Microsoft Windows users may have Microsoft Office installed on their machine, which comes with '"Microsoft Word'", arguably the most well known and widely used word processor. If you do not have Microsoft Office, you can also opt for "'OpenOffice'" and its word processor OpenWriter, a free and open source alternative.

Those working together with partners may find Google Drive's collaborative documents useful if they find it hard to set up consistent meeting times with co-writers. Google Drive documents can be shared and edited by several people at once, and you can easily see a history of all revisions to keep track of what has been updated. The file is also saved online, so you can access it from any device with Internet access.

Video Editing ProgramsEdit


Whether your run uses pictures, words, videos, or anything else, backing up your work is always a wise idea. The easiest way to achieve this is by saving multiple copies of your work, but your files are still at risk if your computer gets damaged or corrupted.

One solution is to use "cloud storage" to protect your work by saving it online. Cloud storage also allows you to upload and download your work on any device with Internet. Two popular cloud storage tools are Dropbox and Google Drive.

If you have very large files (for example, video files), you may want to invest in physical storage media, such as a USB memory stick or an external hard drive, since cloud storage only allows you a limited amount of space.

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