The Praylocke is a Variant of a Nuzlocke, created by user "LaughingMantis" designed to create a much more difficult experience for the player.

Rules Edit

Encounters & Catching: Edit

  1. You may only capture the first encounter in each area.
  2. Dupes Clause is active, however, it can only be used once per route. If it is to be activated a second time on a route, you do not get an encounter for that route.
  3. Shiny pokemon can be caught, even if it would break a rule.
  4. Static encounters do not count towards your one catch limit.
  5. You must nickname every pokemon you catch.
  6. You may not run from battle.

Pokemon Death: Edit

  1. If a pokemon's HP reaches 0, it is considered dead, must be deposited, and may not be used again.
  2. One pokemon of your choice is allowed a 2nd life. You must have at least 4 badges in order to activate this. The chosen pokemon must be alive.


Losing the Locke: Edit

There are multiple ways to lose a Praylocke;

  1. If all of your pokemon in your party have fainted, you lose.
  2. If you run out of money, you lose.
  3. If a pokemon is given a 2nd life, and if it dies a 2nd time, you lose.
  4. If your time limit reaches zero, you lose. (See below)

Other Rules: Edit

  1. Before starting the locke, 2 6-sided dice must be rolled. The 1st die will represent the 1st digit of the number. The 2nd die will represent the 2nd digit.


Die 1 - 2

Die 2 - 5

Number = 25

The number will represent how many hours you have to finish the locke. Finishing the locke is recognized as reaching the Elite Four. Once you have stepped foot into the Pokemon league, the time limit is lifted.

  1. You may only use each pokemon center once.
  2. Once beating the gym leader of a city, without losing any pokemon, you may use that city's pokemon center one extra time.
  3. Although optional, it is recommended that the game is randomized.
  4. If the game is randomized, you must randomize pokemon, moves, items, types, and abilities. The rest of the randomization is up to you.

See AlsoEdit

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