Popschizzle is a Pokémon Moon Nuzlocke comic first created by DeviantArt user CinnamonCryptid on December 27, 2016. It follows the adventures of Alex and his Pokémon as they take on the island challenge, confront the Aether Foundation, and uncover Alola's well-kept secrets.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains major spoilers for both the Pokémon games Sun and Moon, as well as the comic. Please read only if you are content with being spoiled of half of the comic and the plot of Sun and Moon, or have already played the games. You have been warned.

A huge thanks to Charlemange1 for her help and ability to put up with my retro understanding of technology. You rock!! (And go check out her own comic, A Sketchy Johto SS Nuzlocke-Plot, not pictures!)

Rules Edit

Popschizzle-A Moon Nuzlocke
by Cinnamon-Cats
Began 12/27/16
Status Active, ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 3 pages
Finished Ongoing
Game information
Game Pokémon Moon
Region Alola
Chosen starter's type Fire
Comic description
Media Traditional
Coloring Monochromatic
Protagonist Alex Furthenaft
Story details
Genre Action, Drama
Plot Gamebased, with original sub-plot
Pokemon Humans and Pokémon are fully capable of conversing
Nuzlocke Forum
  • If a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead and must be released.
  • One Pokémon can be caught per area.
  • This must be the first Pokémon you encounter.
  • No duplicates.
  • If you happen to knock out the Pokémon, you cannot get another.
  • No legendaries, ultra beasts, mythicals, or guardians may be obtained for use.
  • Nickname all Pokémon caught.
  • Maximum of two healing items per battle.

If your entire party dies, you must start over.

Plot Edit

The Island Challenge Edit

When a trainer turns fifteen, they have the option of starting the island challenge, a brutal journey across four islands battling Kahunas, Trial captains, and totem Pokémon. Defeating all four Kahunas and all trials gives the trainer the opportunity to challenge the Pokémon League, and become the champion of Alola. There is no current champion, so Professor Kukui battles any trainer who gets that far.

The Truth Edit

Alex suffers odd nightmares and strange, out-of-body experiences throughout his island challenge. After following a mysterious girl who disappears into the library, Alex uncovers a well-kept secret of the Aether Foundation and Lusamine herself. He and Lillie must travel to another dimension with the help of Lunala to stop Lusamine from capturing the ultra beasts and bring her home, before an angry spirit takes matters into her own hands.

Characters Edit

Alex Furthenaft Edit

a fifteen year old trainer who has recently moved from Unova to Alola with his guardian, Marie. He is jumpy and nervous, with an affinity for loving electro swing. He is the protaganist of Popschizzle.

Marie Furthenaft Edit

Alex's adoptive parent. She was a team plasma grunt before their first disbanding ten years ago, though she had no grudge against trainers, she did need the money. She is a supportive mother, and the owner of Mandy.

Professor Kukui Edit

The Alola region's professor. Perhaps the coolest Pokémon professor around, Kukui is everybody's uncle. He is known for wrestling his Pokémon head-to-head and his extensive research of Z Crystals. He oversaw the construction of Alola's first Pokémon league three years ago. Kukui is Alex's role model.

Hau Edit

Hau is Alex's rival. He's a cheerful boy with a notebook full of bad puns and a love for malasadas. Hau chose Rowlet as his starter, and the two get along incredibly well-though Rowlet occasionally has to steer Hau back on track, as he often gets distracted by the sights of Melemele. He is fifteen years old, and the Kahuna's grandson. Hau often feels like he lives in the Kahuna's shadow, and hopes to prove himself by embarking on a journey.

Lillie Edit

A sweet girl with a few secrets in her bag-quite literally. Lillie stole Cosmog from the Aether Foundation and hides him in her duffel bag. She's often quiet and wistful, and can easily get overwhelmed when surrounded by people of Pokémon. Though she is not a trainer, Lillie accompanies Alex and Hau on their journey across the islands in hopes of finding a safe place for Nebby to reside.

Gladion Edit

Lusamine has a son, as well. Gladion is two years older than his sister, and on the surface, the siblings could not be more different. Gladion is aggressive and cold. He isn't ever one to show affection, and the Pokémon on his team (other than Sivally) are scared of him. He dresses and acts like your typical MCR emo boy, but deep down he cares deeply for his loved ones and has good intentions. Alex doesn't like him very much. The feeling is mutual.

Lusamine Edit

Lusamine is the president and founder of the Aether Foudation, supposedly a paradise for hurt Pokémo. though she seems like a sweet, motherly figure, Lusamine has been driven mad with her ultimate goal in life: to capture the ultra beasts. Her children failed to be the images of perfection she had planned, so she discarded them. She also performed various experiments on Type: Null and Cosmog before Gladion and Lillie stole them. She is obsessed with the idea of eternal youth, and encases her best Pokémon in blocks of ice-like sealant to live forever. She is also responsible for the death of the late Pokémon League Champion, Kiko Manila.

Guzma Edit

A young boy ran away from home with his wimpod, frustrated with his father and inability to come in first. Not long after, he created Team Skull, a group of misfit delinquents who were abandoned, outcasted, or unable to complete the Island Challenge. He cares for his grunts, but gives off a superior and haughty vibe to anyone else. Guzma and Kukui were formerly friends and fellow rejects, but Kukui pursued the career of a professor, which Guzma took as betrayal. He specializes in bug-type Pokémon, and has some sort of affiliation with the Aether Foundation.

Plumeria Edit

The big sister of Team Skull. She's powerful, dangerous, and beautiful-a good friend of Guzma's as well. She calls her grunts simple-minded in an affectionate manner, but Arceus forbid you ever hurt one of them, because Plumeria will probably kill you.

Kiko Manila Edit

Thirty two years ago, an eleven year old girl completed the Island Challenge, being the youngest person ever to do so. Instead of becoming a trial captain, she wandered Alola, seeking out the oddities and phenomenons of the islands. She then met a young Lusamine, who had discovered the existence of Ultra Beasts and wished to study them. The two quickly became good friends, and with funding from Kiko, Lusamine was able to relate a research lab known as the Aether Foundation. It was Kiko's idea for her to start bringing in hurt Pokémon as well. But as years went by, Kiko noticed something was off with Lusamine. She rarely interacted with her children, and spent more and more time in her lab, researching the Ultra Beasts. In this time, Kiko had become the region's first League Champion. Once she discovered the mistreatment of Type: Null and Cosmog, she threatened to use her authority to shut the company down. Lusamine took this as a threat, and hired two unidentified people to "take care of her". Kiko and her Pokémon were killed to prevent the discovery of Lusamine's plans. Alola found Kiko and her Pokémon's bodies not long after the incident, and it was assumed they were attacked by a wild Pokémon. Two years later, Alola still mourns her death.

Pokémon Edit

(note: this category only accounts for Alex's Pokémon. Not every Pokémon has been implemented onto this page. I will frequently add more as I scour through my notes.)

Leah (Incineroar) Edit

Leah is Alex's first and main Pokémon. She's quite jittery and overeager to battle. She acts nonchalant about trainers using Pokémon to "fight to the death for their own amusement", but her true feelings on this are unknown. Leah hide her feelings in an attempt to be more of a role model for her team mates. She actually gets torn up the most at death, more than anyone on her team. Leah doesn't know when to quit in battle, easily sacrificing herself for the sake of her team.

Marley (Trumbeak) Edit

From the moment Alex caught her, Marley has been a paranoid wreck. She sleeps with one eye open, never visits the same place twice out of her pokeball, and is constantly looking over her shoulder in fear. She wasnt always like this: when Marley was a young Pikipek, she was loved and well cared for by her owner, like a pet. One evening, their house burnt to the ground, and only Marley escaped. She is convinced that she cheated death and it's coming back to finish her off. The only team member she's opened up to is Marshal.

Zach (Pichu) Edit

Zach had always wanted to do something with his life, but amidt tweave assorted brothers and sisters, he was often overlooked. Being caught filled him with a sense of purpose, and gave him confidence. Zach made a promise to Alex and his team: that no matter what, he'd reach the Pokémon league. He's the little brother of the team, full of excitement and energy. Leah loves him, but just wathing him gets her tired.

Slugs (Slowpoke) Edit

Unlike Zach, Slugs has no plans for the future. He goes with the flow, even if it means battling. Slugs is rather intelligent for a Slowpoke, but he does not waste energy speaking, because it takes too long. Nobody on the team can figure Slugs out, but Alex has discovered that he likes piggyback rides.

Gabby (Meowth) Edit

Gabby is a prideful kitty who ran away from home to prove a point, but ended up behind the trainer's school eating out of garbage bins. She was happy to join the team if it meant free food. Gabby acts stuck up around her teammates, insisting on being descended from Persian royalty, but she has well proven herself in battle. Gabby is quick to confuse the opponent with false attacks and high hp, but she dislikes being called out on her faults: mainly her refusal to listen to Alex's commands.

Marshal (Kadabra) Edit

Marshal was a young abra living in the city. Joining the team, he discovered the joy of battling (or at least rooting on his team mates, Marshal only knew teleport until he evolved). He grew concerned with the spontaneous behabior exhibited by Marley, and his soothing aura convinced her to confide in him. He's incredibly bashful, and it's easy to humble him with praise.

Maggie (Mismagius) Edit

When they first encountered her, Maggie nearly killed Marley. After her capture, Alex came to love Maggie's tricky moveset and charming personality. Leah still doesn't like her much, which might have cleared up a while ago if Maggie would stop flirting with her. She's sassy and quick to bounce back. However, Maggie isn't always one to keep other's feelings or best interests in mind.

Tony (Ratatta) Edit

Felt bad for Alex and his team when they lost two Pokémon to his boss, but he had no intent on being caught. He doesn't participate in battles, but pulls his weight by educating Alex on the different roads of Melemele, that he'd traveled looking for food.

Piggy Pie (Mankey) Edit

The team powerhouse. While most Mankey are known for their rage outbursts and horrible tempers, Piggy Pie is calm and reasonable. He directs his anger into his physical attacks and gets along quite nicely with new teammates. (A/N: I was suprise to see that Piggy Pie had a calm nature. But hey, I can work with whatever.)

May May (Oricorio) Edit

Accidentally captured. She's bitter about this, and makes it clear that she hates Alex and refuses to battle for him. She acts tough, telling her teammates that she's not afraid of them. Leah has tried to eat her on multiple occasions.

Deaths Edit

  • Zach is accidentally killed by Hau's Rowlet during the battle festival.
  • Slugs dies by the peck of a Pikipek owned by a trainer at the school.
  • Marshal is called out despite his type disadvantage to battle Raticate and dies to a critical bite
  • Marley attacks Alex out of anger for Marshal, but Leah kills her before she can seriously hurt him. (A/N: I've seen a lot of "revenge kills" performed by the lover/friend of the killed pokemon in comics...but honestly? These pokemon barely know their trainer 90% of the time. They and their lover/friend were most likely captured against their will and forced to battle to the death...I feel like the "revenge kill" would be preformed against the trainer who sent them out.)
  • Piggy Pie blah blah blah I'll work on this later

Tidbits Edit

  • The author has successfully completed a Hoenn, Unova, and Kalos nuzlocke.
  • They made a comic out of the Hoenn Nuzlocke, and have considered redrawing it, but many of the pages are missing.
  • This is not a blind nuzlocke.
  • The Kahunas/trial captains (apart from Hala) that became the Elite four have been replaced to avoid conflicts.
  • The author is embarrassed by how poorly this Nuzlocke went.
  • Idealistially, they'd like to complete the comic within 2-3 years.
  • Their favorite Alolan NPC is Hapu.

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