PU; Before the Storm
by Gearpunk
Began November 16th, 2013
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 50+ Pages
Game information
Game Blaze Black 2
Region Unova
Chosen starter's type Grass
Comic description
Media Digital
Coloring Occasionally colored
Protagonist Original design
Story details
Genre Comedy, drama, horror
Plot Mostly original
Pokemon Nonhuman speech, cannot speak English (author translates important conversation, however).
Nuzlocke Forum


PU: Before the Storm is dark-comidic Blaze Black 2 Nuzlocke that is the first in a series of three. It follows Kai-yen as she reignites her passion for training and attempts the Unova League. After a fatal loss and a confusing past, Kai is pushed to the limits when the torn Team Plasma strikes back and she's thrown right into the dead center of it.

A secret lays deep within her that could be the secret to stopping this menace and finding out who she really is.


  1. Pokémon faints = Dead.
  2. Capture the first Pokémon in each new area.
    • Due to the unfortunate difficulty to the game itself; each area with an inside and an outside (Virbank Complex, Pinwheel Forest, etc.) will count as two new areas, unstead of one whole.
    • Hidden Grotto's: Maximum two Pokémon encounters in case of emergency only.
    • Gift Pokémon count as the encounter for the area they are recieved. Blaze Black 2 offeres every starter available as a gift, the only way to obtain it is if a capture/encounter has not been made prior. Every other capture after that is off limits.
  3. Dubbed 'the Notepad' aka 'No Picky-Choosy' rule, Pokémon must be used in the order they are recieved.
  4. All things must have a name.  
  5. In addition: Eggs are counted when they hatch as opposed to when they are recieved. Meaning you can still take an encounter for the area the egg is given, but if it hatches in an area where you have already made an encounter, then the egg Pokémon is void. If it hatches where an encounter has NOT been made, the newly hatch Pokémon counts as the encounter for that area and a cature cannot be made.



Main TeamEdit

  • Kai-yen: A 15 year old hailing from Olivine, Johto.




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