Ruberto Normanson a.k.a. "Ruby" protagonist of the series

Pokémon: Hard Mode is a series of Nuzlocke runs by Nuzlocke. They follow the adventures of Ruby through Hoenn, Kanto, and Unova. This series is known for being the one that started it all.

The RulesEdit

As the original runs, they have the two classic Hard Mode rules:

  1. You may only capture the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area you explore.
  2. If one of your Pokemon faints, you must release it... It is dead.

Comic runsEdit

Individual Runs MC Game Starter Status Notes
Pokémon Ruby: Hard Mode Ruby Pokémon Ruby Treecko Failed
Fire Red Edition Ruby Fire Red Charmander(Bruce) Complete Ruby has entered Kanto in hopes of finally becoming a champion after being defeated by Steven, the champion of Hoenn
White Edition Ruby White Oshawott(luke) On-going


  • In the series, one starter of each type has been used: The Grass-type Treecko in Hoenn, Fire-type Charmander in Kanto and Water-type Oshawott in Unova.
  • The run through Hoenn can be considered the first failed Nuzlocke for the wipeout of his entire team and the loss during the Champion battle.

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