Pokemon Adventure of Dreams Cover

Pokemon Adventure of Dreams(PAOD)
by Akakabuto77
Began February 8th, 2013
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 32 pages
Finished Ongoing
Game information
Game Sapphire
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type grass type
Comic description
Media comic.
Coloring monochromatic
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre action, humour
Plot original
Pokemon they speak
Nuzlocke Forum
The Nuzlocke Forums link
dA gallery

Rules Edit

This Nuzlocke has the two main rules plus two other common rules:

  • If a Pokemon faints, it's dead.
  • You can only catch one Pokemon in every area.
  • Every Pokemon has to be nicknamed.
  • You cannot catch a legendary Pokemon.

There is also one special rule:

  • If you find a Revive from the woods or at a route, you can use it. But if you didn't have it when a Pokemon died, you are not allowed to use it later on the deceased Pokemon.

About Edit

One day, Petja had a dream, where a spirit invited him to the world of pokemon. After that he decides to go on an adventure, because he feels, that it's the right thing to do.

Characters Edit

The heroes Edit

  • Petja Ojanen: The main protagonist He has a little bit lazy personality, but also has a weird charm to convince people.
  • Geeko: A male Treecko and Petja's first teammate. He's rash and also a calm personality.
  • Fazer: A male Zigzagoon and Petja's second teammate. He lost his parents and he had waited his own death, until he saw Petja and Geeko and he came to conclusion, that he could go out and get stronger. He's gentle and a happy personality.
  • Lora: A female Taillow and Petja's sixth teammate. She tried to catch Petja's fedora but was foiled by Fazer. Petja offered her the change to come with them and she agreed. She's a positive person and a modest personality. She's also a bisexual.
  • Stereo: A male Whismur and Petja's seventh teammate.. He has a book which contains lyrics for dozens of songs. He sang one of them to chase away a Team Aqua-member and after that joined Petja's team. He's an polite and an adamant personality. However, you better not insult music. He will get pissed.

The Deceased Edit

Panda: a female Zigzagoon and Petja's fifth teammate. Not much is known about her, but when she saw Fazer, she jumped on top of him and joined the team. She's a hasty nature and she's a bit impulsive and lighthearted. She got killed by the Bug Catcher James's Nincada.

Blue: a female Surskit and Petja's third teammate. She was forced to join by Geeko, because he thought, that she would not survive in the wild. She's got a bold nature. She was killed by Roxanne's Nosepass

Coco: a female Zigzagoon and Petja's fourth teammate. Her boyfriend went on an adventure, but he didn't come back, because he died three days after he had left and that made Coco decide to wait for her death. Fazer luckily made her change her mind and join the team. She's a modest nature and has a little bit serious persona. She was killed by Roxanne's Nosepass

Others Edit

  • Eetu: 13-years old male: A boy, who challenges Petja in Route 103 and lost to him. Eetu is kinda quiet but smart. He likes cute things, like dolls and hates losing
  • Kickson: a male Torchic and Eetu's first teammate, who was taken a day before Geeko. He's rash and kinda childish.
  • Jax: a male Eevee and Eetu's second teammate. He used to live in Kanto, but he was abandoned with his three friends. They decided to move to Hoenn but on the way Jax's friends had died. His nature is naive but he's also pretty sad sometimes, especially when he's asked about his past.
  • Ansem: a mysterious man, who is the rival of Petja's grandfather, Viljam.
  • Viljam: Petja's deceased grandfather. He was an adventurer who was also the 38th Champion of Hoenn. He was very kind to his Pokemon and even remembered many details about them which he told to Ansem, when he brought him in front of their gravestones.

Available Edit

Pokemon Adventure of Dreams is uploaded only on Akakabuto77's dA gallery.

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