About Edit

This Nuzlocke was created by an anonymous female Pokémon fan whose favorite Pokémon is Greninja.

Rules Edit

  1. If a Pokémon faints in battle, it gets three revives. After all three revives are used, it is "dead" and must either be released or permanently boxed. However, Ghost Pokémon are already "dead", so they get unlimited revives if they faint.
  2. You can only catch the first Pokémon you see in a new area. No second chances if that Pokémon flees or faints.
  3. The trainer must be a girl named "Mary". You can't be a boy trainer, even if you are a male.
  4. You don't have to nickname your Pokémon if you don't want to.
  5. If you enter a new area, and the first Pokémon encounter happens to involve a Pokémon you already have, you can skip it until you find a different one that you don't have yet. The different Pokémon will be the first encounter.
  6. If all your Pokémon die without any revives left, you fail the challenge.
  7. If you make a mistake or a Pokémon dies permanently, do not turn off the game so you can jump back to where the mistake was made. This will cause the challenge to fail automatically. The only exception is if all your Pokémon die without any revives left. But there's a catch to resetting this way: you'd have to start the run from the very beginning.

Prologue Edit

On the island of Kanto, there lived a young Pokémon Trainer who was also religious. She always carried a pocket version of the Bible in their bag, and she strongly believed in God and angels. Her mother liked that her child was good, so when the Trainer was born, she was named Mary, after Jesus Christ's mother. One day, Mary got her first Pokémon from Professor Oak. Unfortunately, it wasn't very strong at first. She expected it to already know some strong attacks, and whenever Mary and her starter ran into a wild Pokémon, and she told it to use a certain attack, her first Pokémon would frown and tilt its head like a very confused dog. Suddenly, three little angels-in-training, who were watching over Mary the whole time, came down from Heaven and warned her that Pokémon can die like humans. At first, Mary panicked, but the angels made a deal with her: if a Pokémon died in a battle, one of the three angels would use a mysterious ability exclusive to angels called Revival Power to save that Pokémon's life, but then that angel would have to save their Revival Power for the next dying Pokémon. If all three angels exhausted their Revival Power on one Pokémon, the Pokémon would die forever and become an angel in Heaven. Also, in order to keep the angels full of Revival Power, Mary could only catch the first Pokémon she saw in a new area. Finally, if all of her Pokémon ran out of revives and died permanently, the three angels would have to return to Heaven, but they would give her a chance to jump back in time and start from the moment Mary got her first Pokémon.

Characters Edit

Mary Edit

Our heroine who wishes her hometown had a church and says grace every night at the dinner table. She met three angels-in-training who decided to help her in her journey to be a Pokémon Master.

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