'All kids leave home some day', right? That's apparently even if they don't want to as Alex finds out one day when her mother throws her out of the house saying that she can't come back until she achieves something significant. Pretty harsh, huh? Fortunately, it's Pokemon world, going on adventure is natural part of growing up. With help of young Snivy named Spinel and other Pokemon she meets on her way, Alex should be able to become stronger person and be able to come back home safely. That's of course if she won't get involved with a mysterious group called Team Plazma...

Play it Black Nuzlocke at first fallows game plot very closely, but with Alex's father return to Unova, everything becomes more complicated. Some things may not be as they seem at first glance.

Play it Black
by Eastern Katt
Began 19.04.2012
Status ongoing
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Game information
Game Pokemon Black
Region Unova
Chosen starter's type Grass
Comic description
Media digital
Coloring full colour
Protagonist game based
Story details
Genre comedy/drama/mystery
Plot original
Pokemon all Pokemon speak human language
Nuzlocke Forum


  • You're allowed to catch only first Pokemon encountered in new area
  • Pokemon who fainted are considered dead and  have to be permaboxed
  • You're not allowed to catch  Pokemon of same species that you've already obtained or any of its evolution line unless that Pokemon dies


(summary goes here - plot, world, etc.)




  • The challenge wasn't completed when the first issue of the comics was published. The author finished her Nuzlocke playtrough in September 2012
  • During Summmer 2012 Play it Black was on hiatus for ever three months


Play it Black can be found in Eastern Katt's dA gallery.

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