Teslocke, or called, Platinum: Hard Mode  is a comic series run by Fireworksdawn on DevientArt. For the high difficulty of Pokemon Platinum, Teslocke is an entirely new set of modified Nuzlocke rules to add to even and fair fights. It follows the Adventures of Pearl and her adventures through the Sinnoh region. It has been planned that after Platinum's completion, there will be a documentation of a playthrough of Leaf Green.

The reason it is called Teslocke is because of Pearl's beloved Luxio who was named "Tesla", who was killed in the Hearthome Gym, in which was promptly burned down by Pearl's Ponyta.

The Teslocke RulesEdit

It imposes the original Nuzlocke rules, with many clauses for both challenge and a slight ease.


Pearl is shown to be an optimistic, yet a cynical Pokemon trainer at the same time. She is very empathetic toward her Pokemon, and almost always is seen visually crying over the deaths of her Pokemon. She would even go as far as to burn down a city for the revenge of her Pokemon. Throughout the entire comic series, it is hinted several times that Pearl is either a Psychopath or a Sociopath.

Caught PokemonEdit

Blue: Pearl's beloved Piplup, that is at first cowardly in nature, but eventually grows to be a wise Pokemon, with very strong motherly instincts. He eventually became romantic partners with Kindle, and ironically, proposed to her using a pearl. 

Dean: The very first Pokemon that Pearl has caught on her adventure. A cynical Starly, that lovingly called her a "Psycho" for doing such a dangerous challenge. Was killed by a trainer on the way to Jubilife.

Celeste: The second caught Pokemon, a Starly as well. Was portrayed as kind and self-sacrificing. Was eventually killed by Roark's Cranidos.

Michel: A Zubat, arguably one of the closest Pokemon Pearl had a relation to. Despite being weak, Pearl loved him dearly. Was portrayed as a nervous and shy Pokemon. Was killed at the Hearthome Gym by a trainer.

Tesla: A strong-willed Luxio, caught as a Shinx. At the start, was shown as a bubbly, happy Shinx until the death of one of her closest friends on the team. Then she turned much more harsh toward the treatment of others until her ultimate demise, killed at the Hearthome Gym by Fantina's Mismagius.

Aiden: Pearl's loyal and arguably most powerful Pokemon on her team, a Ponyta. At first, he felt no empathy toward Pearl and her adventures, but watching the death of Celeste made him realize how much he's really needed. He was eventually killed by Pearl's rivel, from his Staravia's wing attacks.

Boo: A mild natured Drifloon, caught by the Windmill. She is a loyal pokemon, however frustrated by how many HMs she is forced to learn. Despite being the team's official, "HM Whore", Pearl still shows signs of deeply caring for her Drifloon.

Onix: At first only caught to learn Rock Smash, Pearl grew attached to him. A nickname was never given to him, as Pearl thought that he would be put back in the PC as soon as he was no longer needed, and in the comic series, grew to be close friends with Tesla. Was eventually killed by a trainer in the Eterna Forest by an Abra's Hidden Power.

Lancelot: Found underground as a fossil, Pearl took in the Shieldon and nicknamed him Lancelot. At first was despised by Tesla for being Onix's replacement, she eventually became closer friends with him until her death. Is hinted  to have romantic feelings toward Lucas' Clefairy. He was killed by Candice's ice Pokemon.

Seraph: A Glaceon that Pearl adopted from Bebe as an Eevee after the defeat of the Hearthome gym, and even turned out to be a shiny by Pearl's pure luck. Seraph is a brave Seraph, but occasionally shown not to be that clever.

Kindle: Soon after Pearl got Seraph, Pearl realized she needed a fire-type replacement. She found out that she needed a Leaf Green game in the GBA slot of her Emulator. Once done, she went into the tall grass of the required routes. The first Pokemon of the route was a Vulpix, and a shiny one no less! Pearl was taken back by her luck, but reluctantly accepted the shiny Vulpix anyway, who eventually became a strong asset to her team as well as evolving into a Ninetails, and has expressed romantic interest in Blue. (Despite being in different egg groups)

Shelly: A togepi hatched from an egg that Cynthia gave to Pearl. Blue appears to have very strong feelings toward the protection of Shelly, and even once insisted he go on a maternity leave.

Jingle: A calm, and quiet mannered Chimecho that was eventually killed by Cynthia.

Silver: An egg from Riley that hatched into a Riolu and was taken in to be cared for by Kindle. He realized he hates fighting and he refused to fight until Pearl needed someone to learn Earthquake.He became a Lucario; one of the team's strongest Pokemon.

Grave List

  • Dean
  • Celeste
  • Tesla
  • Michel
  • Onix
  • Aiden
  • Seraph
  • Lancelot
  • Jingle

(Dead in another Timeline)

  • Kindle
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • (And the before mentioned Pokemon)

Alternitive Ending Edit

In an alternate universe, Pearl did not stop to heal her Pokemon and in a fit of rage and excitement, ran straight to Cynthia. All of her Pokemon almost immediately died brutal, horrible deaths. This ending was not in the form of a comic, but rather as a piece of writing.


  • Once Pearl grown attached to Onix, she was originally planning to get to the name rater and rename Onix to be "Benjamin", but never got the chance because of his early death.
  • Blue's name was originally "Blupl".
  • Tesla was believed at first to be male by the audience, and even Fireworks herself forgot that her Shinx was female, as Tesla's first nickname was "Wattson". Potentially a reference to the Gym leader "Wattson" in the Hoenn region.
  • Because of Pearl's immense greif over Tesla's death , she commanded Aiden to burn down Hearthome Gym, in which he did. It is implied that Aiden also burned down the rest of Hearthome City, as Bebe's house is on fire.
  • Despite nicknaming her Rivel "Crowly", Pearl never actually calls him by his name.
  • At one point, it was implied that Celeste and Blue had romantic feelings for one another.
  • There is a chance that Pearl is either lesbian or bisexual, according to this panel.
  • Pearl's real name is "Platinum", and last name is currently unknown.
  • "The Family" is a set of four Pokemon: Kindle, Blue, Silver, and Shelly. Despite being in different egg groups and both children adopted, they still all deeply care for one another.

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