The cover of Pi & Pea's Adventures comic.

Pi & Pea's Adventures is a comic documenting a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Black. We follow Pi and her first Pokemon, Pea the Snivy, as they embark on a journey across the Unova region. Soon enough they learn about Team Plasma and old legends that just might be more than folk tales. Drawn by piyostoria (or just Piyo), the first chapter was updated on 31st May 2011.

The RulesEdit

The run Pi & Pea's Adventures is based on followed the basic Nuzlocke ruleset with just a few aditional rules added to it.

  1. All fainted Pokemon are considered dead.
  2. Only the first Pokemon in each area can be caught. This does not include shiny Pokemon.
  3. Nickname every Pokemon.
  4. No legendaries allowed, except for Reshiram.
  5. No separating the game's areas. Pinwheel Forest and Dragonspiral Tower count as one area inside and outside.


Like many others, Pi & Pea's Adventures started a comedy-first comic with simply drawn panels and characters. Soon enough the plot-related drama was added to the mix and the art style evolved accordingly, while staying black-and-white and easy on the eyes. Faithful to the game's story, the comic further explores the characters and the myths about Reshiram and Zekrom, at the same time not missing a single chance to humor the readers.


  • In Pi and Pea's Adventures the speech of Pokemon can't be understood by humans, the one exception being N, though the Pokemon characters are far from mute.
  • Pi and Pea's Adventures was nominated for several Nuzlocke Forums' Extravaganza 2012 Awards, such as Best Pokemon (Pea), Best Extra Character (N) and Best Comic. After the voting, Pea was applaud 2nd Best Pokemon, N 3rd Best Extra Character and the comic itself was the 2nd amongst the Best Comics ex eaquo with "In Black and White".
  • Piyostoria also does the art for the Nuzlocke comic Of Bonds and Battles


Pi & Pea's Adventures is available on Smackjeeves and in its respective Nuzlocke Forums thread.

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