A Permalocke Challenge is a heavy variation of the Nuzlocke Challenge where the player gets to select his or her Pokémon but may not catch any new ones.

Permalocke RulesEdit

1) The player may choose any six Pokémon, but they may not be Legendries. It is advised (if not required) for the player to use certain codes to acquire the selected Pokémon. All chosen Pokémon start at level 5 or lower.

2) The player must release or permanently store at the PC any Pokémon that faints.

3) The player may not catch any additional Pokémon through the entirety of the game. An exception to this rule is when a certain HM (such as Surf) is required in order to progress the game. If that is the case, the player may catch a Pokémon that can learn that required move but may not use it for anything else other than progressing the game.

Optional RulesEdit

All the optional Nuzlocke Rules may be used in a Permalocke Challenge.

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