A poster that N created in order to upset Peanut.

These comics aren't well known but have gotten great comments and over 400 watches on

Created by a bouncy British boobed lady, Froodals.

The protagonist, Peanut, is a lot of fun and starts her journey in Sinnoh where she finds herself catching Pokemon to be her friend, rather than training them to become strong. This unfortunately leads to many deaths as Peanut is rather stupid. After a while, we find Peanut with only two of her friends left.

But this is where it gets interesting. A mysterious figure named "N" from Team Plasma decides to STEAL Peanut's friends (or so we are to believe!). So she starts a new journey in Unova in order to find them. 

The RulesEdit

  • If a pokemon faints, it is considered dead and MUST be boxed to never be used again.
  • Only catch the FIRST Pokemon in each route.
  • If you fail to catch the first Pokemon, too bad you can't catch another one.
  • Shinies are allowed to be caught regardless.
  • Nickname EVERYONE!

Fun thingsEdit

~ During the comics Peanut slowly shows her slightly insane side; after each death she tends to hide up trees as it is her "safe place".

~ Peanut's rival throughout her diamond and white games have been Tosspot. A women trapped in a man's body. Tossy is a male but loves to dress up in female clothing. He clearly resembles Barry AND Bianca with his yellow hair and orange/green colour sceem outfit.

~ Now-a-days, in the White comic, her pokemon understand that it is a high risk of death but like to crack jokes an make the best of the bad situations. e.g Molly the stoutland loves to sing and grabs any chance to make a joke an puns to lighten the mood.


~ The diamond run is done completely on paper, all 101 pages of it. BUT because some people dislike paper runs, Froodals also created a 6 page easy-to-read comic, that shows EVERYTHING that happens in the diamond run on tablet pen.

~ Froodals' White Nuzlocke is all done on digital tablet pen and you can see her drawing skills improve as the pages go on.

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