Parker is Nuz's main pokemon in her on-going Pokemon Black Nuzlocke. Parker is a Unfeazant.


Personality Edit

Parker is quite impish, known for playing pranks and gags but he can also be a leader in tough situations. He may have PTSD after losing so many friends, most notably Buster. He does whoever hide it very well and the only people who know are Kyrak and Nuz.

Parker is a bit risky, using his brute strength against opponents. However, he tries to protect his team by throwing himself in the in of fire.

Relationships Edit


Ashien is Parker's girlfriend from Hoenn. They met each other when Nuz returned to Hoenn after beating the last Unova Gym. They both love each other very much even with Ashien's short temper.

Kyrak Edit

Kyrak is one of Parker's best friends. He reminds him a lot of Buster and he tutors Kyrak since he is one of the newest members to the team.

Evenary Edit

Evenary is one of Parker's best friends. He is very close to him and is the first team mate who stuck in the team since Jontron.

Nuz Edit

Nuz is Parker's best friend. They are very close for being together for so long and spend a lot of time together.

Stats Edit

The in game Parker knows Fly, Air Slash, Roost, and Quick Attack.

History Edit

Parker was caught on R. 3. He was a lower level at first behind Buster and Bethos, and was only used to be in the bug gym. It wasn't until losing Buster that Parker needed to beat the electric gm alone. After a few gyms, Parker remained in Nuz's team and eventually became the leader of four pokemon.

To Be Continued..........

Facts Edit

  • Parker is currently Nuz's highest level.
  • There is something known as the Parker Curse: That every new pokemon will die eventually but it seems to be broken after Evenary.
  • Parker is like Pipkip or Heneff, one of Nuz's main used and most liked pokemon.

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