Pandemonium in Johto Cover

Original cover. Horrible, but will probably get redone soon.

Pandemonium in Johto is a Randomized SoulSilver Nuzlocke. A mysterious mist spreads around Johto and Kanto, doing strange things to the Pokemon.


1. Only catch one Pokemon per route, it must be the first encounter.

2. Dupe Clause on (3 tries before forced catch).

Pandemonium in Johto
by Tristan M.
Began June 3rd, 2016
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 11
Finished n/a
Game information
Game SoulSilver
Region Johto/Kanto
Chosen starter's type Dragon
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring Fully colored
Protagonist Ethan Gold, Game based
Story details
Genre I have NO idea
Plot Original
Pokemon Can speak
Nuzlocke Forum

3. Shiny Clause on.

4. When a Pokemon is static, disregard first encounter rule. If a roaming Pokemon is the first encounter and it successfully flees, it doesn't count as the first encounter.

5. When a Pokemon faints it must be boxed forever.

6. Nickname all Pokemon.

7. One revive may be used. No Sacred Ash.

8. All Pokémon not more than 5 levels above or below the leading Pokémon cannot be fled from.

9. Unless team is severely crippled, actively seek out trainers.

Assets that were randomized:

Wild, trainer, and static Pokemon(not roaming)

Starter Pokemon(all set to basic Pokemon)

Pokemons' movesets; every Pokemon starts with 4 moves

Pokemons' abilities; Wonder Guard is banned

TMs and TM/HM compatability

Move Tutor's moves and their compatibility

Field and held items


During one midsummer night in the Johto/Kanto continent, an enigmatic, purple mist, originating from Mt. Silver, spreads over and throughout the continent. Its visible effects include all Pokemon in the continent changing, along with their moves. While Pokemon Professors like Oak and Elm research the mysterious mist, they find that nobody is seemingly affected by this change, minus a select few individuals. Have everyone's memories been altered, or have they miraculously transported to an augmented reality parallel to their own? How do alternate timelines and time travel effect the overall outcome, and how does the mysterious Mawile play a part in it?

The day after the mist spreads happens to be the start of 10 year old Ethan Gold's adventure. When he is told the news by Professor Elm, he is requested to make an inquiry as part of his journey to become champion. Along with him is his rival Silver, who is also competing to become champion.


Ethan Gold

Ethan Gold without his bag.

Ethan Gold: Main protagonist. Starts his Pokemon Journey at age 11, set out to help Pokemon Professors like Professor Elm and Oak on their research on the mist that launched them into a new world with randomized Pokemon. He choses Bagon as his starter and his rival is Silver.

Hera being cool

Hera being really cool.

Hera-Bagon: Ethan's starter. Serious nature, Thoroughly Cunning. Starts her journey as Ethan Gold's starter, the other options being a Porygon and a Charmander. She's strong and reliable and always stays on track. Her somewhat antisocial appearance and behavior wards off some of her teammates, but they often turn to her for advice. She can often be seen relaxing in open fields, usually with flowers.

Archie-Gorebyss: Ethan's Pokemon. Quiet Nature, Often dozes off. Ethan's second Pokemon, a silent sea serpent, but loyal to Ethan nonetheless. His eerily quiet nature causes his disconnection from his teammates. His power and confidence leads to recklessness.

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 8.15.42 PM

Archie being introduced.

Terrence(/Terry)-Eevee: Ethan's Pokemon. Jolly Nature, Impetuous and silly. As an Eevee with mysterious and unexplainable psychic abilities, his past remains shrouded. He found a Mareep friend, Will, before finding Ethan. With the passing of Will, he often reminisces about his deceased friend, remembering his mindset: "Don't lose hope."

Will-Mareep: Ethan's Pokemon. Hasty Nature, Strong willed(purely coincidental, I swear). A Mareep who lost all of his friends in an incident involving hostile, high-leveled Pokemon. He held onto a small glimmer of hope that they are still alive, out there in Johto somewhere. He joined Ethan because he believes that Ethan can help him find his lost friends. However, unbeknownst to him, she had already passed. In the Violet City Gym, he sadly perished in the midst of a powerful Earth Blast.

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 8.19.16 PM

Silver being introduced.

Silver: Ethan's rival. Not like any other Silver from any comic. Competitive but still a good person. He is the son of former Team Rocket Leader Giovanni. His past fuels his hatred towards Team Rocket and Neo Team Rocket. His starter is Eli.

Eli-Charmander: Silver's starter. No known characteristics yet. He was OHKO'd by Hera in Ethan and Silver's first battle. (In the randomizer settings, I set it so that Silver would keep his starter Pokemon throughout the game)

Lyra: Ethan's friend. A childhood friend of Ethan who also does her own journey through Johto.

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 8.23.30 PM

Archie's first appearance, where he watches Ethan and Hera progress 4 pages before being introduced.

Has a Maril named Azure. Gave Ethan his first Pokeballs.

Professor Elm: Pokemon Professor. Gives Ethan and Silver their starter Pokemon.

Professor Oak: Pokemon Professor. Gives Ethan his Pokedex.

Brenton: A reoccurring Magmortar who is first seen confronting Terry and Will when Ethan first meets them, and is most recently seen seemingly in the possession of Violet Gym Leader Falkner. With a single Earth Blast, he incinerates Will, along with a majority of the gym. He was released by Falkner after his battle with Ethan.


  • All important human characters have their canon names and designs-or at least in the beginning.
  • The updating schedule is completely unreliable.
  • Hera's name was originally going to be Athena for the goddess of wisdom, but I accidentally named her Hera instead, and stuck with it.
  • The plot for this comic started out weak/simple, but eventually became more complicated, dark, and deep as the scriptwriting went on.
  • Pay attention to background characters; you never know when they'll be relevant to the plot~


This comic is currently available on DeviantArt:

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