over the wall is a nuzlocke made by msrmfan2 on DA the plot is a mad scientist goes to kalos to kidnap pokemon to turn them into what he calls glumps this series combines pokemon and moshi monsters together and the "hero" is dr.strangeglove who is wanted in monstro city he also is really a moshling himself as well he just uses a robot body to get around his partner is fishlips who is a glump


  • since there are two people on this adenture 2 pokemon from each route
  • all caught pokemon must be nicknamed
  • if a pokemon faints it is dead and must be boxed in box 2
  • the pokemon must be nicknamed after moshlings normal names or two words like frost bite
  • all pokemon must be lvl up before the eleat four
  • the eleat four is the only place where if all pokemon faint 3 times in a row its game over

Current pokemon dead and aliveEdit


gigi: a kind little bird who likes to fly sit in nests and stand on strangeglove's head 

snookums: the starter male extreamly Jolly and friendly and is loyal to his pokemon trainer

fabio: scatterbug he has large buck teeth and like to bite people and pokemon he was caught on route two after biteing snookums "hat" he appers to be a grump and he enjoys oren berrys alot he was named after one off strange glove's glumps fabio

poocha: a shy raults whos psycic powers are unmached she likes art and music

rumble: a ladyba who really didn't get a huge part in the nuzlocke since he asked to be put in the pc with fabio he likes card games


mr.snoodle: a female beedrill who wanted to please her master no matter the cost she died in the first gym of the game


viola: the bug type gym leader she takes photos for her sister in lumious city she has a intrest in stangeglove

sarena: the rival of strangeglove she owns a fennakin named flame and she seems to love fasion and cooking

shauna: a derpy little girl she thought strangeglove was a pokemon when she first met him her pokemon is a frokie named shirikin she love pokemon and gardens

strangeglove: his real name is lavender toggs but he hates being called that he works for C.L.O.N.C in mostro city and owns a blimp that he took to kalos he is really a moshling on a robot body but he does not like to talk about it he loves being evil and wrighting laughter on his plans

fishlips : a glump who works for strangeglove he is not the brightest light in the world but strangeglove still likes having him around but does not like saying it to his face he likes dressing up as a moshling and working for stange glove


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