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Out.Law Soul is a Nuzlocke made by Loki-Wings. It is set in Johto and is a SoulSilver run. The first page was posted on January 18th, 2013, and it is currently ongoing.

Although the plot follows the general direction of the games, the story differs quite widely. Canon characters such as gym leaders and NPCs are portrayed without regard for their in-game personalities.

In the world of Out.Law, human characters are in as much danger of being killed as the Pokemon. The comic starts at Violet City Gym, bypassing the beginning tutorial entirely.


Out.Law follows the standard Nuzlocke rules, with extra specifics, and several common fan additions:

  • Can catch first Pokemon on each route.
    • Gift Pokemon included.
    • Dupe clause on.
    • Legendaries may not be used.
  • Any Pokemon that faints is dead and must be boxed indefinitely.
  • Nickname all Pokemon.


The Pokemon LeagueEdit

The Elite Four

Unlike their portrayal in-game, The Elite Four & The League form the main antagonists in the world of Out.Law. The Four (i.e. Will, Koga, Bruno and Karen) form a ruling party which controls the whole country of Johto and Kanto. They are an apparently oppressive force, and use violence as a way to keep their crumbling country in line and obedient to them. Due to their sheer power and merciless nature, there is currently nobody who can overthrow them.

The Four are currently hard at work on some kind of plan, which they hope will save Johto and Kanto from spiralling into economic and social disaster. What this plan consists of is currently unknown, but it is made clear that they are searching for something called the Artefact.

The Outlaws do have their own theory, based on the evidence of a document they obtained through hacking the computer network in the Indigo Plateau.

The Gym Leaders

Due to the fact that the Elite Four are mostly concentrated in the Indigo Plateau, representatives of The League are posted to every large town or city in both countries in order to remind the citizens of their expected obedience and allegiance. These Gym Leaders are chosen for their strength, ruthlessness and on occasion, fanaticism. Their badges are a symbol of their authority and are not willingly given to any other person. Few people challenge them, for if they do they are likely to be killed or jailed after their Pokemon party has been slaughtered.


So far, Lance had not been mentioned or seen in-comic, so his current alignment and whereabouts are completely unknown.

The OutlawsEdit

As the name suggests, these people are rebels against the oppression of The League. Currently, they are the only known force working against the government. Although they were previously thought to be a mere nuisance, their actions have recently become much more obvious and directly violent in opposition to The League. The Outlaws were known as hackers, theives, vandals, propagandists and small-time criminals but their current activity consists of, among other things, espionage and attempted theft of Gym Leader badges. These disparate people have, in the past decade or so, flocked to the banner of 'Alpha', the Leader of the Outlaws and the one person who seems to have a concrete plan to topple the League's power.

Outlaws operate in Cells of between one and three people. They do not reveal their real name, and instead take on a code-name. They are also each given a number. This number is used to keep track of which agents are alive or dead.

The Axis Network

A digital network used by the Outlaws to communicate. It is accessed through Data Transfer devices which can be connected to a computer. A Pokemon is then placed in a Pokeball and into the device, where their data is compiled in the Network- enabling them to act as a channel for information transfer which is safe from outside interferance.

This network is maintained by Axis, a Porygon-Z under the employ of Alpha.

This system draws on the dynamics of the "Pokemon Storage System" which exists in-game.


Cross [149]: Protagonist of the story. Shown to be reckless and somewhat cautious of the Outlaws. Has her own mysterious goals.

Shade [076]: Originally partnered with Cross. Loyal to the Outlaws.

Eon [???]: A skilled hacker. He appears to know both Cross and Shade- his relationship with them is unknown.

Alpha [???]: Leader of the Outlaws. His plans and whereabouts are unknown. He appears to be cold and distant.

??? [015]: An Outlaw agent with some previous connection to Shade. Apparently murdered by the Four


Cross: The ProtagonistEdit

Cross is an Outlaw agent, also known as 149.

Reckless and bull-headed, Cross seems to have a strong dislike for following other people's orders. Although she has demonstrated her ability to both withstand and deal out violence, she has also spoken of her disgust for those who do not appreciate the effects their actions have on others.

Although she caused the death of Thresh (Bugsy's Scyther) out of self-defense; she disagrees with the idea of murder as means to an end.

Her vendetta against The League appears to be personal, rather than utilitarian. She directly indicated to Bugsy that The Four have taken something from her, and later it is referenced by Shade.

Despite her many faults, she is shown to have a strong bond with her starter Pokemon, Vallan (Cyndaquil > Quilava)- even going so far as to endure a Syther's blade to her shoulder in order to get it away from Vallan.

This injury is now a source of handicap for Cross, as it is revealed that the blade has caused permanent damage to the nerves and muscles in her right arm, and that it will always be a weakness for her.


  • Vallan (Quilava)
  • Fletch (Pidgey)
  • Arrow (Spearow): DEAD
  • Oddie (Oddish): BOXED


  • Kanto is also under The League's control- so far not referenced in-comic.
  • Not ALL Pokemon can speak human tongue, although most Pokemon at least understand it. It is a foreign language and must be learned by the Pokemon. Most know a little through their observations of humans; but to truly be able to speak fluently they must be taught it, or exposed to it constantly by travelling with a trainer. So far, several Pokemon who do not speak English (which is the language of Johto and Kanto, for convenience's sake) have already appeared: Thresh (Bugsy's Scyther) and Belial (Karen's Houndoom). This will eventually be cleared up in-comic.


Out.Law Soul is available on Loki-Wings' dA gallery.

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