3D Text Made by and Dark Masterball by me.

I Basically thought the idea would be great as I was making a scernario for someone. I thought of the idea after I first looked at the scernario and the wiki. Then I thought, "Hey, a Onelocke would be a cool Nuzlocke!"

Thats The End of the Story Basically, a really hard and somewhat crazy version of a Nuzlocke.

Onelocke Load (MYSELF ONLY)

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What is a Onelocke?

A Onelocke basically applies the normal nuzlocke rules. But with with a few extras rules

Rule 1
  • Only One Pokemon can be used for battle. Other Pokemon you catch ARE TO BE RELEASED IMMEDIATELY Inless you put an hm on them.

Rule Two!

  • The starter pokemon does not count as a pokemon, you must release it after you catch your first pokemon.

Rule Three!

  • Your Battle Pokemon can NEVER have a tm or hm. Natural Moves Only.

Rule Four!

  • A pokemon that is 5 levels above you can be captured to be a battle pokemon. But, you have to release ALL your pokemon IMMEDIATELY after that. (Not the one you just captured)

Rule Five!

  • Legendarys are never allowed plus Dittos aren't allowed either. EVER.

Ruke Six!

  • Dupes clause is forced allow. FOREVER.

Rule Seven!

  • Any Locke you use that is interfering with these rules must be DROPPED OUT.

Rule Eight!

  • If you are also using Wedlocke, then One Locke has to be changed to TwoLocke and not OneLocke Wedlocke, and the rule of battle pokemon doubles to 2.

(More rules to help fill the gaps coming soon!)

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