One Good Deed is a Storylocke by BlueFoxofWater1569 covering the journey of the trainer Aerin through the region of Johto, ten years post the original Red/Blue/Yellow journey. It is of the SoulSilver game.

It is currently in progress, the rules and prologue having been posted on March 29, 2013.

The RulesEdit

The following rules are implemented in the Nuzlocke:

  1. Fainted Pokémon are dead, and must be boxed for the rest of the journey. [In OGD, they get a burial.]
  2. Only one Pokémon may be caught per area traversed - the first one encountered. No dupes clause is ON, gift Pokémon do not count to the rule, and Shinies void this rule entirely.
  3. All Pokémon MUST be nicknamed.
  4. Unlimited purchase of Potions/S. Potions/H. Potions/M. Potions are allowed. However, status-condition clearing items can only have a cap of 10 in the inventory at any time.
  5. PokéCenters may only be used 3 times in each town, at any time, ever.
  6. No legendaries may be caught or used at any time.


The world that One Good Deed takes place in is a realistic planet, split at the equator between a militaristic government to the far south, and the land of Pokémon and trainers.

The northern hemisphere of the world is separated into the regions of Unova, Hoenn, Kanto/Johto, Sinnoh, and the remains of Orre, living in peace following the Great Region War. The journey begins ten years after the fall of Team Rocket at Red's hands.


  • In the timeline of events of this Pokéverse is actually the second to take place. Prior to One Good Deed is a FireRed Nuzlocke named Initiation which is three years prior to One Good Deed. Similarly, two parallel Nuzlockes take place during One Good Deed.
  • The notes of the OGD Nuzlocke are finished, and it is estimated to have two parts to it with estimated 70 chapters, to cover both Johto and Kanto regions in depth. The parallel Nuzlockes are still being played and noted.
  • Unlike other Nuzlockes, OGD does not have shippings or pairings, save for a comical one of Eusine chasing the heroine Aerin, wanting to get close to her because of her connection to Suicune.
  • Aerin goes by many names, but is most well known as "the Military Brat" being as she is the daughter of Lt. Surge from Kanto. She also has bad blood with Falkner of Violet City, due to the stigma attached to her that she will use electric types like her father.
  • Aerin's debut was in the "Nuzlocke Original Character Tournament" as hosted by Nuzlocke-Challenge. She is part of the NOCT-born shipping known as the S.S. Shaerin, and from this ship birthed the rest of the Nuzlocke storylines, and other parallel shippings, stretching even into non-Pokéverse lands.


It is currently solely available on deviantART and updates are sporadic due to the author's schedule of school and out-of-net issues. No art exists of One Good Deed at this time.

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