Planning on being Rebooted.

Main Characters Edit

Humans Edit

Nuz: A young girl who moved to Hoenn and started her pokemon adventure with her Mudkip. She is currently the Hoenn champion.

Brendan: Nuz's new friend from Hoenn. He is the son of Professor Birch and Nuz's rival who started with a Treeko.

Wally: A young boy who Nuz helped catch his first pokemon.

Pokemon Edit

Pipkip ( Swampert ): Nuz's starter pokemon. He has a sailor accent and is know for sleeping.

Heneff ( Breloom ): A pokemon from Petalberg woods who killed Nuz's Poochyena. She has since become on of Nuz's best pokemon and friends. She is in love with Pipkip.

Winona ( Zigzagoon ): A pokemon that was trapped by Team Magma and has a deep set grudge againest them. She was Heneff's friend and even after her death she still visits along with Brooke.

Brooke ( Poochyena ): Nuz's second pokemon. She was killed by Heneff.

Ashien ( Skarmory ): One of Nuz's team mates, she has a fiery temper and has a relationship with Parker.



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