Omega Cries: An Omega Ruby Nuzlocke
by ScorchietheGamer
Media Story
Began Mar. 14 ( Story )
Status Completed ( Game ) In Progress ( Story )
# Chapters/Updates 12 Published
Finished NA ( Story )
Game information
Game Omega Ruby
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Water
Story details
Genre Adventure/Survival
Plot loosely game-based
Pokemon Yes, Only Main Character
Nuzlocke Forum

Omega Cries is the first in the Nuz series. The game is completed and the story is in progress.

About Edit

Young Nuz who has just moved to Littleroot town began her adventure with her partner, Pipkip the Mudkip to become the new champion of Hoenn but must deal with a constant struggle to stay alive.

Main Characters Edit

Humans Edit

Nuz: A young girl who moved to Hoenn and started her pokemon adventure with her Mudkip. She is currently the Hoenn champion.

Brendan: Nuz's new friend from Hoenn. He is the son of Professor Birch and Nuz's rival who started with a Treeko.

Wally: A young boy who Nuz helped catch his first pokemon.

Pokemon Edit

Pipkip ( Swampert ): Nuz's starter pokemon. He has a sailor accent and is know for sleeping.

Heneff ( Breloom ): A pokemon from Petalberg woods who killed Nuz's Poochyena. She has since become on of Nuz's best pokemon and friends. She is in love with Pipkip.

Winona ( Zigzagoon ): A pokemon that was trapped by Team Magma and has a deep set grudge againest them. She was Heneff's friend and even after her death she still visits along with Brooke.

Brooke ( Poochyena ): Nuz's second pokemon. She was killed by Heneff.

Ashien ( Skarmory ): One of Nuz's team mates, she has a fiery temper and has a relationship with Parker.



it can be found on this page

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