Of All Things 1st Cover

A "cover" for the Of All Things Nuzlocke

A work-in-progress nuzlocke fan comic that was originally posted on deviantart in March 14th, 2012, but wasn't actually posted on the Nuzlocke forums until April 17th, 2012. The comic's plot and story was bare-bones, but once posted on the forums, it started receiving critique, and began changing drastically.

The RulesEdit

In Bold, the standard rules of a Nuzlocke challenge. In Italic, The additional rules added by the author.

  1. The first pokemon of every route may be captured.*
  2. When a Pokemon faints, it dies, and is placed in a Grave box in the P.C.
  3. Every Pokemon is nicknamed.
  4. This specific character had no interactions with professor Elm. As a result, she starts off with no mystery egg, no starter pokemon, and no pokedex.
  5. The player has rolled a number from 1 to 493 and the result was rolling 45. The player has started off with Vileplume's starting evolution, Oddish. Note that she did this after she selected a starter, which was Totodile, so that means that her Rival has Chikorita, and therefore no type disadvantage is in place. (Whoops!)
  6. *Using a common rule called Dupes Clause, where the player does not have to catch a Pokemon if he/she already owns a Pokemon from their evolution tree.


The comic is about a character named Yami Kaisu (referred to by her old friends as "Y") travelling through the Johto region starting off with her Oddish. As mentioned before, the comic starts off simple, and is littered with humor. As the story evolved with critique however, humor has become scarce, and the comic focuses on the inner conflict of Yami's dysfunctional team. Most of the conflict stems from her Raticate, nicknamed Tatara. This comic also has a tendency to get very dark at some points in the story, as well as somewhat emotional. The humor is rarely found near the remnants of death scenes.

Pokemon (Party)Edit

This list consists of the Pokemon that have been in Yami's Party. They are listed in the forms that they were originally caught.


Petal, Yami's Starter Pokemon.

Petal (Oddish) - Starter Pokemon - Recieved at level 5, New Bark Town

Quirky - Impetuous and silly.

Petal has a very odd demeanor to her. Always smiling and cheerful, she raises team morale with her adorable gestures and occasional inspiring words.

Unibrow (Hoothoot) - Caught at level 3, Route 29

Serious - Somewhat stubborn.

Unibrow is a very serious and determined Pokemon. He is dead set on finding worthy opponents to battle.

Scribbles (Pidgey) - Caught at level 3, Route 30

Relaxed - Quick tempered.

Scribbles is very laid back, and prefers to be in the background. She doesn't appear to care much for the heat of the battle.

Sir Manby
Sir Manby (Ledyba) - Caught at level 4, Route 31

Jolly - Impetuous and silly.

Sir Manby has a little bowtie on his neck. It is not known why. Also, despite his nature, he does not act impetuous or silly.

Popcorn (Mareep) - Caught at level 6, Route 32

Naughty - Strong willed.

Popcorn is very snarky, and has no trouble in his battles. He has a tendency to stomp his opponent no matter who it is he's put up against.

Tatara (Ratata) - Caught at level 6, Union Cave

Modest - Quick tempered.

Tatara has always been very aware of her surroundings. She is always examining situations and questioning what's right and wrong. She has a tendency to get very angry when something doesn't seem right.


  • The comic at it's beginning was originally drawn in raw pencil. Later into the series, the artist went back and lined the comic strips all in SAI.
  • The artstyle of Of All Things was influenced by Pettyartist's style, along with the art style of Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt.
  • The run was only recently named "Of All Things." Before that, it was simply called, Yamikaisu's G4 Soul Silver Nuzlocke.
  • In the comic, the headbutt tutor in Ilex Forest's name is Wayne, which is a reference to a trainer in Ilex Forest who only appeared in Crystal Version, named Bug Catcher Wayne.
  • Yami's hat was taken from a Geodude who she knocked out accidentally with Petal, her oddish.


Of All Things is available in yamikaisu's dA gallery and on the Nuzlocke forums.

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