NyaChan, also known as Nya, is the artist of two comic runs on the Nuzlocke Forums. The runs were generally well-received, making their way into two Top Ten Fan Comic Run lists. NyaChan is primarily known for her art style.


Lily in FireRed/Kanto

Fire Red Nuzlocke RunEdit

NyaChan's first comic Nuzlocke run introduces Lily as the main character and Gary as the rival. It consisted of 16 comics, an epilogue, and three non-canon updates. Lily's starter was Aqua, a Squirtle. She went on to capture 20 Pokemon, but lost 8 of them. The known survivors of her first run were:

  • Aqua, the Squirtle
  • Lynn, the Pidgeot
  • Nyokuh, the Ekans
  • Faye, the Spearow
  • Bolt, the Voltorb
  • Acton, the Exeggcute
  • Nelina, the Horsea
  • Pipin, the Growlithe
  • Kana, the Lapras
  • Coolio, the Tentacool
  • Kara, the Mankey

The fallen of her first run were:

  • Joey, the Rattata
  • Milly, the Jigglypuff
  • Strawberry, the Meowth
  • Hannah, the Zubat
  • Darla, the Dugtrio
  • Danny, the Beedrill
  • Len, the Vileplume
  • Zoey, the Haunter
  • Ash, the Raichu

At the end of the comic, taking place 6 months after Lily's defeat of the Elite 4 and Champion, all of Lily's Pokemon were stolen by a mysterious group of people. This caused her to fly to Sinnoh, where she would begin her second run. The only "Pokemon" she brought with her was an egg she received from the Daycare in Kanto. Gary, who she had befriended in the sixth month period, accompanied her.

Pearl Nuzlocke RunEdit

Lily and Gary return in NyaChan's second Nuzlocke run. Gary takes the place of the rival in Sinnoh, while a newcomer named Kess replaces Rowan's assistant. Lily chose a Turtwig, Vanilla, as her starter. All of her Pokemon in this run are named after various herbs and spices. There are currently 12 pages and 4 non-canon updates.

This run is complete too. The Pokemon who survived in the comic are:

  • Pepper, the Ninetales (which hatched from the egg Lily brought from Kanto) (may or may not be a zombie)
  • Ruffia, the Bidoof
  • Rose, the Budew
  • Parsley, the Gastrodon
  • Paprika, the Meditite
  • Walnut, the Wooper
  • Ginger, the Garchomp
  • Saffron, the Drifblim

The fallen are:

  • Mint, the Buneary
  • Lemon, the Luxio
  • Aroma, the Staravia
  • Lime, the Pachirisu
  • Thyme, the Noctowl
  • Rue, the Lucario
  • Vanilla, the Torterra

NyaChan has begun to hint at the possibility of Lily getting into a romatic relationship, causing shipping issues to surface in her thread. NyaChan claims that she disapproves of this shipping, however it is clear that she intends to feed the shipping wars until they make Team Edward vs. Team Jacob look tame and reasonable.


  • Lily was originally based off of NyaChan
  • Lily is featured in a fanfiction of various Nuzlocke runs, Lily Rides Alone
  • Kess is based off of the Pokemon Black and White male protagonist
  • NyaChan originally planned on doing five arcs for her story: FireRed, Pearl, Sapphire, HeartGold, White; However, she decided to end her story at the end of Sapphire
  • In NyaChan's Pearl comic, the 9th page has a cameo of various event Pokemon NyaChan received on her Pearl game but did not use for the run

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