Nuzrooke cover
NuzRooke Silver
by DragonwolfRooke
Began January 27th 2012
Status Completed
# Chapters/Updates 88 pages + 6 extras
Finished December 10, 2013
Game information
Game SoulSilver
Region Johto
Chosen starter's type Fire
Comic description
Media digital
Coloring full color
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre drama
Plot game-based
Pokemon all speak
Nuzlocke Forum
forum page

NuzRooke Silver is the Nuzlocke challenge of DragonwolfRooke, of a run through SoulSilver version.

NuzRooke is the story of a ten-year-old girl named Rooke, who is mysteriously transported from Earth into the world of Pokemon. She sets out on a journey to find her way back home, through challenging the Pokemon league, and finding the Champion.


  1. You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in a new area.
  2. If a Pokemon faints (its HP goes down to zero, for those of you who don't know Pokemon) then that Pokemon is DEAD. You have to box it permanently.
  3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
  4. In-game trades are allowed.
  5. If a shiny Pokemon appears, all rules go out the window.


NuzRooke was started in January of 2012, after the author, DragonwolfRooke, discovered nuzlocke comics. One of the original purposes of the comic was to have an excuse to practice drawing humans. NuzRooke is based off of DragonwolfRooke's playthrough of SoulSilver version, which was her first ever Nuzlocke challenge. The playthrough was completed two months after the comic was begun.

It has a relatively serious plot, with plenty of humor and heart mixed in. The story heavily emphasizes the Pokemon themselves as characters, as well as the dynamics both between them and with Rooke. The author wished the comic to be a coming of age story for Rooke, as she goes through loss and victory, and through them grows to become a Champion.


  • Rooke: A ten-year-old girl from Earth. She has a good heart and tries to do her best, even if she is easily flustered and scared.
  • Vincent: A strange ten-year-old boy, and Rooke's rival. He's rude and sometimes mean, but there might be something more to him.
  • Kindle: Typhlosion, and Rooke's starter. He was abrasive and antisocial for a long time, due to an abusive trainer in his childhood. He is learning to be better, thanks to his mate, Sam. He has a wound on his left cheek because a battle with a Tauros.
  • Scout: Furret. Rooke's first catch. Scout is strong-willed. When he was young he was cocky and headstrong, but his evolution, and the birth of Mystery, made him sober up as a person - as well as the death of a friend. He was Mystery's "father" and took a leadership role in the team, up until Mystery was killed. Now Scout acts as a companion Pokemon, not battling, but supporting Rooke and often acting as a more parental figure.
  • Granite: Golem. Granite was very young when Rooke caught him, and he still has a wide-eyed naiivety to him. He's gentle and sweet-natured, even when he is battling. He was her final death, dying on the champion battle.
  • Sam: Espeon. She was received in Goldenrod city and she is in love with Kindle. After battling a Tauros, she almost lost her life but Kindle expressed his true feelings towards her, saving her from death and triggering her evolution.
  • Smee: Wooper. He used to be proud of his power. Rooke's first death since he was defeated by a Bellsprout.
  • Ojo: Magneton. Even since he was a Magnemite, he was very timid. He was one of her most touching deaths. He told her that he wasn't afraid anymore in his dying breath.
  • Aubrey: Nidoran. Not much was known about her since she was Rooke's shortest lived companion because of a Rattata's pursuit.
  • Mystery: Togetic. Rooke got his egg and it hatched in front of Scout. Because he was too young and because his father and son relationship with Scout, he was the saddest death of the Nuzlocke. He used to wear a top hat that was a birthday gift from Granite.


  • The name "NuzRooke" comes from the fact that "rooke" sounds vaguely like "locke" in "Nuzlocke". Hence, the portmanteau "NuzRooke."
  • Rooke, the main character, is based off of the author as she was at ten years old.
  • Originally, Rooke was not going to wear her signature fuzzy hat. The author adjusted her character design to add the hat, partly to mimic a hat she had in real life, and partly to avoid drawing the top of Rooke's head, as drawing humans was difficult for her. The hat is used mainly to give extra expression to Rooke's emotions, the "ears" of the hat reflecting her moods.


NuzRooke Silver can be found at DragonWolfRooke's dA gallery.

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