The Trilocke is what it may look like. 3 lives. The difficulty may lie in some gyms, or some Battles.

Inspiration Edit

The rulesEdit

Besides the main rules, there is a selection of rules :

  • If you already got a pokemon of the same type  (not applying to the second chance rule) or cannot have the pokemon in your team due to rule 3, you can pass up until a pokemon you may capture comes up. You may also pass up until you have only 2 pokemon -- you may not go over 3 pokemon in your team. If you happen to go in a zone, first passage may be an excuse, but if you go twice in a zone with three pokemon, you may not capture anymore from that zone (basically, first passage with 3 pokemon is okay, and at next you may still capture, but if you  pass a second time, the zone cannot be captured from.)
  • Your starter must always be in your team.

(An exception may be in the necessity ; refer to rule 3/4)

  • You may not have contradictory/same types in your team at any time. (if your pokemon has any strengths of weakness towards a pokemon ; no fire-water, no water-electricity, no earth-earth)
  • An exception could be (having a fire starter, but you need to use surf : remove every pokemon from your team, keep only the water pokemon. Should you lose, no matter the optional rules, it is game over. It is the only exception to the second-chance optional rule. Note ; only necessity. You cannot use this for anything like wanting to use flash for a cavern, that situation would be considered cheating.)
  • If you lose your starter, it's game over.
  • Your starter must make an appearance in every gym, versus the gym leader (an appearance includes both appearing and launching at least one attack. Your starter also needs to appear once per trainer of the E4) This includes battles in which your starter has a weakness.
  • If you are playing in a version in which lavender town is still there, and the battle versus the ghost is a thing, you must keep 3 or more of your dead pokemons, and if you lose the battle, it is game over, you must go to the pc, and release your starter. The dead pokemons cannot be higher level than the ghost, and you may not use wordly healing items (berries, potions, etc) while in the fog.With the exception of necessity, this is the only time you may abandon your starter in the boxes.
  • You have a maximum of 3 pokemon in your active team, and a maximum of 6 in your box. Not counting dead pokemon.
  • Cities you have not gotten the badge of yet have a maximum of 3 pokecenter visits, becoming unlimited after the badge has been gotten. Villages with no gyms are limited to 6 visits per, but cannot be unlimited at any time. (Your mom does not count, don't worry)

Optional RulesEdit

  1. An exception to the pokecenter rule might be at the E4. 4 visits max there. Hehe. If not..... be happy with your 3 damn max visits.
  2. Second chance rule. If you lose or are forced to release your starter, you may have a second chance , but ONLY if you possess a form of your starter (younger or older) and you name him the same, by the time you lose your original starter. This may only happen ONCE. Also, when you capture your ''new starter'' you may not level him up, or spend any time with him whatsoever, if you find him at lvl 3.... sorry, but you'll have to level him AFTER losing your starter. This is OPTIONAL, to make the challenge a bit easier and less stressful on you. But know that you did not truly beat the challenge if you used that optional rule. Have a nice day. *Goes out and slams the door violently*
  3. An optional to the 2cnd optional rule, of the second life, would be to go slayer-mode, this makes the challenge harder, due to the fact that you release EVERY SINGLE POKEMON other than your starter's copy, level him and then solo the league.

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