Its Similar to the Sims generations in a way.

This is simply a longer Nuzlocke with a few tweaks.

Typical Nuzlocke rules

  • If one of your Pokemon faints, you must release* it... is dead.

*Permanently boxing a "dead" Pokemon is also acceptable for archival purposes; it still must never be used in-game after it faints

  • You may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area you explore.

*This rule has a fair bit of exceptions in this run, but for good reasons

Plus these few quirky ideas

  • Starting with the first games (gree, yellow,blue or red) you play through it as a mostly typical Nuzlocke.
  • you get a list of all the names of the pokemon
  • after your first games you cross off ALL the names of the pokemon you used in that game
  • Begin playing the second Generation (Silver, Gold or Crystal)
  • Follow normal nuzlocke rules, but you are not allowed to reuse pokemon from the first game.
  • you must release pokemon (or Perma-box) Pokemon that have fainted, or that you have caught before.

The way to win is to make it through one games from each generation without reusing a pokemon.

You may include the remakes for a harder and longer Generation-Locke.

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