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The Nuzlocke Forums are the message boards associated directly with They constitute the largest Nuzlocke fan community on the web, with over 30,888 members and over 1,572,129 total posts as of May 16th, 2017.


The site includes eighteen forums divided into five main categories, with at least 24 subforums.

Board AnnouncementsEdit

The administrative section of the forum, containing Dry Erase (a section for general forum-wide operations/threads/etc.) and Warn Appeals, which allows members to repeal warnings that they've received. Dry Erase has a Complaints subforum, and Warn Appeals has a subforum where the appeals are posted.

Main Comic DiscussionEdit

Nuzlocke's Projects is the only area in this section, which allows users to discuss Nuzlocke's comics.

Nuzlocke GeneralEdit

There are five total sections to this part of the forum: Fan Challenge Runs (subjugated into Completed Runs, Completed Screenshot and Written Log Runs, Incomplete Runs, and Screenshot and Written Log Runs), Other Adventures (subjugated into Completed Adventures and Inactive/Failed Adventures), Challenged Discussion (with subforum Ruleset Discussion), Events (with subforum Previous Event Runs), and Video General (subjugated into Finished Video Runs and Incomplete Video Runs).

Fan Challenge Runs (abbr. FCR) is where users can post their own Nuzlocke content. FCR is used exclusively for comics and stories, while Screenshot and Written Log Runs are used for the rest. The other subforums are archives for runs that have either finished, not finished, or failed.

Other Adventures (abbr. OA) is where users can post runs of either non-Nuzlocked Pokemon games or non-Pokemon games, with subsequent subforums for archiving finished games.

Challenge Discussion is where users can discuss random facets of Nuzlocke gameplay, while Ruleset Discussion allows users to post rulesets for opinions/critiques.

Events is where users and moderators alike create events to be completed in various runs, with a subforum for previous event runs.

Video General is a place for users to post general topics about video runs or their own video runs, with two subforums for archiving purposes.


This area includes seven forums, with five subforums: Off Topic General, Pokemon, EntertOOnment (subjugated into Video Games and Muslocke), Creative, Cybercrime Cafe (subjugated into Completed Hacks and Incomplete Hacks), Roleplaying Games (with subforum Roleplaying Games Archive), and Festival Plaza.

Off Topic General contains many community threads, such as Group Chat Moments (which are often pulled from the forum's official discord server) and the photo thread for members. However, any number of topics of nearly any content can be posted here.

Pokemon is a forum for the general discussion of the Pokemon franchise.

EntertOOnment is an area for discussing general media and entertainment. Video Games is specifically dedicated to non-Pokemon games, and Muslocke is dedicated to discussion of music.

Creative is an area for people to post their art threads/shops, as well as other forms of creative content, such as writing and music.

Cybercrime Cafe is the hacking area of the forum, where several hacks have been posted/completed. The two subforums archive games that finished or incomplete.

Roleplaying Games is the forum's RP area. Popular games include Mafia/Werewolf, Roll to Dodge games, FE roleplays, and CYOA games, with Mafia drawing the most activity. The archive subforum contains all past games ever posted in this section.

Festival Plaza is the forum games section, which was previously an area titled National Park. Users can participate in various unique and fun games, like ^ < v.


Member groupsEdit

General groupsEdit

  • Alpha Male
    • This member group is assigned only to Nuzlocke.
  • Not Fully Evolved
    • A usergroup for accounts that are not verified.
  • Trainer
    • This is assigned to all members who do not have any other group.
  • Moderator
    • The general moderator usergroup.
  • Artist
    • A usergroup for users who specialize in forms painting/drawing/etc.
  • Hacker
    • A usergroup for users who specialize in ROM hacking.
  • Writer
    • A usergroup for users who specialize in storywriting.
  • Contributor
    • An old usergroup used for moderators of the forum's Pokemon Online servers.
  • Suitset Participant
    • A usergroup for participants in suitset events.
  • Suitset Champion
    • A usergroup for users who have complete four suitsets.
  • Featurer
    • A usergroup for users who feature Nuzlocke runs on the forum.
  • Featurer and Moderator
    • A usergroup for moderators who are also featurers.
  • Sweetheart
    • This usergroup is assigned specifically to Furfrou.
  • Moderator
    • This usergroup is assigned specifically to Clockenstein.
  • Moderator
    • This usergroup is assigned specifically to Crawdauntless and GoGoGogoat.
  • Forecaster
    • This usergroup is assigned specifically to Jimcloud.
  • Administrator
    • This usergroup is assigned specifically to Pillowcase.
  • Holiday Group
    • A usergroup that is specifically themed towards popular holidays. This was the replacement for the Pink User Group, an April Fools joke that was never removed from the forums until recently.
  • Globe Trotter
    • A usergroup assigned to those who completed the forum's Stormer event. It is currently held only by YamiX and Paradoxical Paperclip
  • eye of newt
    • A usergroup whose purpose is unknown. This role is not assigned to anyone

Staff MembersEdit


  • Nuzlocke


  • Jimcloud
  • Princess Furfrou
  • Pillowcase

Forum Moderators:

  • Algae
  • Clockenstein
  • Crawdauntless
  • embep
  • Gangster Garchomp
  • Geo
  • GoGoGogoat
  • JL_muserwolves
  • Revenant
  • Shiny Dustox
  • SnakeWrangler
  • Versil
  • Xerxos
  • Zaazaa0


  • Bullet
  • DoktorGilda
  • Emilianite
  • Gangster Garchomp
  • Huntress Wizard
  • NeonBlack
  • Pillowcase
  • Revenant
  • Shiny Dustox
  • Washi

Forum eventsEdit

Year-end awardsEdit

See New Year's Fan Run Extravaganza

Top 50 rankingsEdit

See Nuzlocke Forums Top 50

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