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The Nuzlocke Forums are the message boards associated directly with They constitute the largest Nuzlocke fan community on the web, with over 27,500 members and over 873,000 total posts.


The site includes eighteen forums divided into six main categories, with at least thirteen subforums.

Board AnnouncementsEdit

This area includes just one forum, "Dry Erase", which spells out all the forum rules and other administrative things.

Main Comic DiscussionEdit

Forums for Nuzlocke's comic projects - Pokemon Hard Mode, and his other, lesser popular comics (such as Spacecat)

Nuzlocke GeneralEdit

The busiest area of the boards, "Nuzlocke General" includes three forums - two that showcase fan runs (divided into Fan Challenge Runs and Other Adventures based on adherence to the rules) and one where board members can discuss various aspects of Nuzlocke Challenge gameplay itself. There is also a subsection called Ruleset Discussion, which is where you can create your own variants on nuzlockes.

Nuzlocke EventsEdit

Two forums dedicated to forum events. Most of these are communitylockes, with examples being Mirror World, The Nuzlocke Hunger Games, Nuzlocke Amazing Race, and others.


Exactly what is says on the tin. This area includes six forums: "Off Topic General", "Pokemon", "EntertOOnment" (for all entertainment media), "Creative" (for all creative endeavors, including a subforum for role-playing), "Cybercrime Cafe" (for all things hack- and ROM-related), & "National Park" (for forum games).


Member groupsEdit

General groupsEdit

  • Alpha Male
  • not fully evolved
  • Trainer
  • Gym Leader
  • Elite Four
  • Artist
  • Hacker
  • Hack Lord
  • Event Organizer
  • Suitset Participant
  • Suitset Champion
  • Pink User Title
  • just a bear (specifically for quarkyguy)
  • Writer
  • Contributor
  • Base Operator
  • Featurer
  • Featurer and Moderator
  • Sweetheart (specifically for Princess Furfrou)

Event groupsEdit

  • NuzWeek 2012

Staff MembersEdit


  • Doesnt
  • Princess Furfrou
  • Vivificient

Forum Moderators:

  • Hektor
  • Clockenstein
  • GoGoGogoat
  • Bullet
  • Gangster Garchomp
  • Versil
  • Xerxos
  • ItsKinkajou
  • JL_muserwolves
  • Geo


  • GoGoGogoat: Head Featurer
  • Bullet
  • Gangster Garchomp
  • ratikate
  • DoktorGilda
  • NeonBlack
  • Shiny Dustox

Forum eventsEdit

Year-end awardsEdit

See New Year's Fan Run Extravaganza

Top 50 rankingsEdit

See Nuzlocke Forums Top 50

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