A Nuzlocke Challenge created by Man-In-Crowd-4 on deviantART, written entirely in literature format. This story follows Mike in his (mis)adventures throughout Johto in an attempt to claim all the Gym Badges and hopefully not lose too many companions on the way.

The RulesEdit

1. If it faints, it dies. 

2. Only catch one Pokemon per area.

3. Duplicate Pokemon can't be caught again. 

4. No Legendaries.

5. If a shiny is encountered, all the previous rules are irrelevant.


A more light-hearted and silly Nuzlocke, the author has stated that he likes writing this series when he wants to get any from more plodding and series parts of his other works. This comes, among other ways, in the form of naff jokes, shout outs, cheery character designs and an unreliable Fourth Wall. However, when the time comes to be serious then the serious sections are handled strongly as well to make them as emotional as possible.

Despite everything been written in this Nuzlocke, the author says he wants to add an accompanying drawing/preview image to each chapter in the future.


  • The main character Mike's real name is actually Mick, which he says he hates being called. This came about from the tradition of naming RPG heroes after the player - Mick stands for Man-In-Crowd-4.
  • The author has said that due to the series' lighthearted nature compared to his other works he considers its theme tune to be 'A Comedy Tonight' from the musical A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, which revolves around the idea of 'Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight'.
  • Deceased Pokemon team members have or will make an appearance in the author's other fanfic works.
  • The author has said that one of the physically hardest things to do in writing is to introduce a character, make them endearing to the audience, give them lots of screen time and then kill them off all in one chapter.


The series is available on deviantART through the author's gallery . The first chapter is here .

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