The Nuzlocke-Challenge Awards are an annual awards event put on by the staff of the Nuzlocke-Challenge deviantArt group to recognize the "best of" among dA fan runs. The awards are held in mid-summer.

List of awards
2014 2015

Current awardsEdit

Sorted by category

  1. Characters
    • Best protagonist character
    • Best antagonist character
    • Best neutral character
    • Best canon relationship
    • Best non-canon relationship
  2. Style
    • Best Art
    • Best Writing
    • Best drama/Most intense
    • Best comedy/Funniest
    • Best adventure/Most fun
  3. Community
    • Top producer
    • Top commenter
    • Most reliable
    • Top event participant
    • Super PokeFan



  • For the inaugural awards, all runs were eligible. For all other awards ceremonies, any run that has updated since January of the previous year is eligible.
  • There have been suggestions of a "legacy" award with eligibility to be determined.

Nominating phaseEdit

  • Once the nominating period opens, group members can each nominate up to three runs (or three individual characters/pairings/teams for the Character category) for each award category.
  • When the nomination period closes, a list with a mix of top nominee recipients and "wild cards" is compiled and sent to an awards committee.
  • Potential nominees are noted to ask permission for their run(s) to appear on the ballot as nominated.

Committee decisionsEdit

  • The awards committee discusses the ballot and then votes on who they think is deserving of the awards using a points system. First- and second-place awards are announced, as are honorable mentions.

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