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This article refers to the Member Nuzlocke. If you were looking for  the challenge, please refer to the Nuzlocke Challenge page.

The Man who Started it AllEdit

Nuzlocke (or just 'Nuz') is the forerunner of the Nuzlocke challenge. He started it all with his comic, Ruby: Hard Mode, which he posted on /v/, 4chan's video games board. After positive feedback, he created his own website, Nuzlocke Comics, and followed up Ruby: Hard Mode with FireRed: Hard Mode and White: Hard Mode. He then established the Nuzlocke Challenge Forums and the Nuzlocke Challenge Wiki.

The username 'Nuzlocke' is a portmanteu of "Nuzleaf" and "Locke", referring to his first wild catch in Ruby: Hard Mode, which was a Seedot that he frequently drew with the face of John Locke from the TV show Lost.

According to Nuzlocke's own website, Ruby: Hard Mode began as a way of whiling away time when he was at college in winter 2010. So, he thought up the original two rules and began to play. He originally only intended to increase the difficulty of his Pokémon Ruby game, but discovered that playing through with these rules actually made him CARE more about his digital monster companions. And the rest, as they say, is history.

As an AdminEdit

Nuzlocke is the Admin (Alpha Male) of the Nuzlocke forums and he is fairly lenient with bans, mainly leaving that to Robot and formerly Lightpole. He enjoys his community, and posts on the forums frequently.

Other ComicsEdit

Besides Pokémon: Hard Mode, Nuzlocke hosts other webcomics on his site as well.

Space Cat: A story about a military-hired cat being sent on a mission in outer space. Nuzlocke writes the storyboards, and Mason Tate illustrates them.

Speedrun: A tale about a young man who recieves unique superpowers after being struck by lightning. The story is written by Nuzlocke and the comic is illustrated by Federico Iglesias (Who goes by the username 'FreeGlass') Unfortunately, Nuz has chosen to put Speedrun on hiatus for an unknown length of time, due to being overall unsatisfied with the comic, disliking his own pace, and deciding that between Hard Mode, Space Cat, and other side projects, he needed to cut his losses with this comic. For now, the old pages of Speedrun are still visible on the Nuzlocke Comics website.

His fate Edit

Nuzlocke hasn't been heard from since a post made on both twitter and his website about going to wondercon 2014. However, he recently started posting on his twitter again.

Edit: On August 7, 2015 he updated his twitter, it took him a year to get out of wondercon.

Other ImagesEdit

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