by ToastersAndTomatoes
Began June 25 2016
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 2 pages
Finished Ongoing
Game information
Game Pokémon Uranium

(fan game)

Region Tandor
Chosen starter's type Water/electric
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring Fully-colored
Protagonist Alex
Story details
Genre Action
Plot Game-based
Pokemon Yes
Nuzlocke Forum


1)  Only catch first pokemon in area

2) If a pokemon faints it's dead


After her mom is killed in a Nuclear explosion Alex is left to be raised by her aging aunt. When her aunt is no longer able to support a growing teenager professor Bamb’o sends Alex on a journey across the windswept region of Tandor. Along the way she’ll meet new friends and enemies as well as the all elusive, mysterious nuclear Pokémon! A new type with powers far beyond the norm in this nuzlocke comic of the fan made game Pokémon Uranium!


Alex: Main protag of story. Her mom was killed in a nuclear incident and her father left home shortly afterward. She lived with her aunt up until recently when her aunt was no longer able to support a growing teenager.

Theo: Alex's rival who got the starter weak against hers, much to his dismay.

Flash: Alex's starter.



This comic is on Deviantart:

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