The Notepad clause is a ruleset that emphasizes severe catch-limiting, named after the user "Notepad" on the Nuzlocke forums. Despite its name, it is not a true "clause" as it is not an exemption to the main Nuzlocke Rules.


The Notepad clause is simply intensifying the catch limitation from the original Nuzlocke rules, trying to make the game harder in a general way.


Beside the two classic rules there is a limiting catching rule that only allow a max of 6 Pokemon at any given time:

  • Once you have a full team of six Pokemon, you can't catch any more Pokemon until one of your team members dies.


Some people do slight modifications of this ruleset which allow catches past the team of six, but a team member cannot be replaced by a Pokemon from the box unless that team member dies.

Often, but not always, the clause requires that boxed Pokemon must be brought onto the team in the order that they were caught, eliminating player choice in what Pokemon are on their team.

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