This Pearl run comic follows a "girl" named Ara through the Sinnoh League. The first page was uploaded on 5th September 2010 and as of 29th December 2010 the comic has finished. Nonparael also has a finished Pokemon Black, featuring the same protagonist.

The rulesEdit

  1. You may only attempt to catch the first pokemon you encounter on each route/cave/etc.
  2. If a pokemon faints, it is treated as dead and must be released.
  3. Nickname everything you catch.


Like most, Nonparael's Pearl Nuzlocke starts is a comedy comic. There are dramatic elements here and there but overall it is very lighthearted. The art style is one of the most visually striking, especially during intense battle scenes.


  • The MC gender joke is a staple in Nonparael's runs
  • This comic run is most notable for using some underused Sinnoh Pokemon, such as Cherrim and Wormadamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn girl you lookin gud


The comic is available on Nonparael's deviantart and Nuzlocke Forums Thread

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