Noneko's Sapphire Nuzlocke
by Noneko
Began April 12th 2011
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 42
Game information
Game Pokemon Sapphire
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Fire
Comic description
Media Promarkers
Coloring After page 22 in color
Protagonist Original design
Story details
Genre Humor
Plot Game based
Pokemon Speak
Nuzlocke Forum

Noneko's Sapphire Nuzlocke is a comic run of pokemon sapphire, that started in Deviantart at April of 2011. It's created by Noneko, and it was later on added to the Nuzlocke forums too. The run is more comedic, and it's traditionally drawn. The first 22 pages are in black and white, but after that the pages have been colored with promarkers.

The run follows a trainer called Noneko, who starts a pokemon adventure out of boredom. 

The RulesEdit

The run uses mostly standard Nuzlocke rules:

  1. Only catch the first pokemon you meet in the area, even if it is a duplicate
  2. If the pokemon faints, it's dead and can't be used anymore
  3. Nickname the pokemon
  4. Items are allowed


  • The protagonist is based on the author, but it's personality is more of a very exaggerated version of how the author thinks while playing videogames, instead of actually acting how the author would act in the situations.

The banner for the run

  • All the pokemon are named with a food related theme, and most of the time those names are in Finnish.
List of Finnish word nicknames and translations
Nickname Translation
Marenki Meringue


Tatti Bolete
Vanukas Pudding
Kiisseli Kissel
Pannukakku Pancake
Pasteija a specific type of salty pastry.
Hattara Cotton Candy


Muffini Muffin


The run can be found in Noneko's Deviantart galleryNuzlocke Forums, and in Smackjeeves webcomic site.

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