Nikky's Ruby Nuzlocke was first created on April 3rd, 2011 by the fabulous
Ruby Nuzlocke COVER 1
and wonderful NikkyDash. After undergoing a hiatus, it was reincarnated from the dead on April 6th, 2012 and has been on-going since then. It stars Nikky Maple, a girl who was left in Johto by her parents, but by flying on the back of Arceus, she rebelled against the will of her parents and set out on her own journey through Hoenn. The first ten strips are horrible, but if you can make it through that, then power to you, yo.

The RulesEdit

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it be dead, box dat ass
  2. Catch the first Pokemon per area, no more than that, if it faints then shit I can't help you there
  3. Catch the dupilcates, everything happens for a reason, even 600 Zigzagoons
  4. Nickname dem 'mons


Digitally drawn in black, white, and red, the comic is full blown comedy that will resort to using almost any sort of joke to catch the reader's attention. Quick, blunt, and snappy, the characters are strange, and Nikky swears in every single strip while fighting the evils of Team Magma, otherwise known as furries/Pokephiles. Though it follows the game's story and has its own plot forming under it's feet, the most defining characteristic of the comic is it's use of Arceus as Nikky's most used mode of trasportation.
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  • Nikky's originally from Goldenrod, Johto
  • All of the Pokemon have the same intelligence as humans, and therefore can speak to humans freely
  • Nikky caught Louis the Poochyena, who was the Poochyena that Daryl had fought when she first obtained him
  • Nikky acts a bit abrasively, which she seems to have inherited from her father, Norman
  • Nikky has bought Bulbapedia from the PokeMart and has it in constant use since
  • Team Magma's cause to expand the land is so they can have more Pokemon to have sex with
  • All of the Pokemon have some sort of feature or accesory to define their personalities
    • Daryl has shutter shades, and later a golden chain
    • Louis has a scar from his battle with Daryl
    • Hannah carries around guns
    • Mandy constantly frowns or scowls
    • Ernest talks in references, binary, and well-known sayings
    • Riley likes to cosplay from differnt anime
  • Arceus transformed into human form because he didn't want to have to be sent to playgrounds and be used as a live jungle-gym
  • All of the gym leaders are exaggerations of their personalities in one way or another. And Nikky will always have a snarky comment for each one of them upon entrance.
  • The Dungeons and Dragons 9-part alignment system exists in this Nuzlocke, as told by Brendan explaining why he's Lawful Good
  • Nikky has been known to get drunk and/or high on more than one occasion.
  • Nikky has participated in battles in The Underground with her father's Furret, Oliver.
  • When Nikky lived in Goldenrod, she was one of the top in her class acedemically. This reveals that she is actually intelligent.


This nuzlocke is available on deviantart which is updated on a semi-regular basis.

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