The Newlocke Challenge was created by Axel 031.


  • Catch rule clause: If there's a cave/forest in a route and you already caught a Pokémon in that route, you can't catch the one that appears in the cave or forest.
  • Dupes Clause applies. You can't have two Pokémon of the same type either.
  • Catching the second encounter is allowed only if the first one was a Pokémon that you already caught.
  • Legendaries can't be caught, only defeated.
  • Pokémon Center limit: Healing is restricted to only four times per city.
  • Your party Pokémon can only carry three objects.
  • Use of Master Ball is not allowed.
  • You can only buy three Pokéballs per city.
  • Your Pokémon can't be a higher level of the Leader's strongest Pokémon (includes Elite Four and Champion).
  • You can't use healing items. Allowed only with the Champion.
  • You can't have more than three Pokémon until you earn the First Medal.
  • You can't evolve any Pokémon until you earn the Second Medal.
  • You can't teach a TM to any Pokémon until you earn the Third Medal.
  • You can't equip items to Pokémon until you earn the Fourth Medal.
  • You can't use the Fishing Rods until you earn the Fifth Medal.
  • You can't have a fully-evolved Pokémon until you earn the Sixth Medal.
  • You can revive a Pokémon after the Eight Medal.
  • You must free a Pokémon after each medal.
  • You have ten lives (only ten Pokémon can die).
  • Having your starter dead means you lose three lives.
  • Exp. Share use is not allowed.
  • You can't have more than two Pokémon with type advantage (example: if the first Gym Leader uses Rock type, you can't have three water-type Pokémon).