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Hallo, everybody!

I like Zombies, Zombie films, books, stuff like that. So I always wanted to play a Zombielocke. A Nuzlocke Challenge inspired by a Zombie plague like in Pokémon Snakewood e. g.

It took me about a year to create a Zombielocke and I got inspired by the original Zombielocke from the Nuzlocke-Wiki and a Nuzlocke about an apocalypse from DeviantArt.

Here are the rules:

The two main Nuzlocke rules do apply.

Dube-Clause recommended!

You can catch Shinies.

What happened to the Pokémon world? All regions of the Pokémon world were infected by a virus what turns Pokémon into Zombies.

You have to beat your way through this Zombie plague with your Pokémon and Zombiemons.

Your start a normal Nuzlocke with the game of your choice. You can catch one Pokémon per route or area and take care that it will survive. But what happens when your Pokémon dies…?


  1. Turn the battle style to set
  2. You can use three healing items during a battle and Pokémon are allowed to carry berries and other items with them. Berries and items what the Pokémon carrys do not count to the three healing items!
  3. When your Pokémon has died you can recover it via the Poké-Center or revive / max revive. This makes out of your Pokémon a Zombiemon. You MUST recover your Pokémon otherwise you could choose which Pokémon becomes a Zombie or not!
  4. Ghost types can never become Zombies! When they fail, they are dead for good


  1. Zombies cannot learn recover attacks like recover, wish, roost etc. (does your zombie learn such an attack because it has less then four moves you are not allowed to use them!)
  2. Attacks like drain punch, leech life etc. are allowed to use because it takes energy from an opponent
  3. Zombies cannot use healing items during a fight and are not allowed to carry any items or berries!
  4. If a zombie dies it will recover itself by taking the energy of one of your Pokémon. That means one of your team members or boxed Pokémon dies instead of the zombie! The sacrificed Pokémon cannot become a zombie because it will be consumed by the zombie completely. Which Pokémon must be sacrificed you can figure out with dices or the RNG. For example one Zombiemon dies. Now you have to roll the dice or use the RNG so you will know which randome team member will be eaten by the Zombiemon. You have five other Pokémon in your team und three further ones in your box. So you must count from 1 to 8.
  5. Do you have no Pokémon and Zombiemons only then your zombie dies for good because there is no one he could eat (except yourself, you could end the game here but I think it’s enough to say that a Zombies just dies for good instead of being game over)
  6. Zombiemons are (un)dead what means they cannot evolve! (It’s allowed to let them carry an everstone)
  7. Zombiemons cannot be boxed, you have to keep them in your team!


  1. You can’t heal your zombie with a Poké-Center or any item! To do that you must follow the second rule!
  2. A Zombie „heals itself“ by consuming the energy of a Pokémon. That Pokémon must be from another trainer or one of your Pokémon! When your Zombie defeated at least one Pokémon of another trainer, you can heal it with potions or the Poké-Center.
  3. Is your Zombiemon to weak to defeat a trainer’s Pokémon you can wait until it dies or sacrifice one of your Pokémon before it dies.
  4. If you have more than one zombie in your team it could be impossible for you to use the Poké-Center because the Center heals all Pokémon automatically. To make the healing process possible it’s allowed to use healing items (only outside of a battle!)
  5. If you defeated a gym leader or leader of an evil organisation you are allowed to heal your team in a Poké-Center
  6. The Berry-Clause! In XY and ORAS it’s pretty easy to get berries. To keep your challenge difficult you are not allowed to use berries on your Zombiemons! 


We have a level limit! Your Pokémon/Zombiemon shan’t be stronger than the current gym leader! Is your Pokémon/Zombiemon stronger you are not allowed to use it against the leader!

GIFTED POKÉMON AND EGGS   Pokémon you got as a gift or eggs you can keep. They count as survivors. But take care, they can become Zombies as well!


  1. If you defeat a gym leader, you are allowed to catch a Pokémon (place of your choice). You must nickname the Pokémon after the gym leader you beat, no matter if the gender fits or not.
  2. If you want to get rid of a certain Zombie in your team, you are allowed to release or box it after you beat a gym leader. You can catch a Pokémon or release on of your Zombies, the choice is yours.
  3. You can catch one legendary or non. I decided for myself that legendaries can never become Zombies. If they die they are dead for good.


  1. Except the Pokémon you caught are all other wild Pokémon Zombies! Certain attacks can turn your Pokémon into a Zombie. The following attacks can cause an infection: Bite, Crunsh, Fire-, Ice-, Thunder- and Poison Fang (if a wild Pokémon bites you, your Pokémon will become a Zombie)
  2. If one of your Pokémon dies during a battle against a wild Zombie, one of your other team members will be infected. Pokémon in your boxes count either because of the apocalypse you actually don’t use boxes.
  3. Same process like sacrificing. Use a dice or the RNG to decide which of your Pokémon will be infected.
  4. When you know which of your Pokémon was infected then you have to decide if it will survive the virus without any consequences or if it will become a Zombie.

Hint: Trainers don’t use Zombies! Thus the rules above only counts for battles against wild Zombies!


To trade with NPCs is allowed, you can also trade to evolve a Pokémon. Attention! Zombies cannot evolve!

Further: If you want to box your dead Pokémon or Zombies, you can use two types of boxes. One for all dead for good Pokémon and Zombies and one what will be called „Eaten-Box“ for all Pokémon you had to sacrifice for Zombies.


If you think the rules are still too easy for you, you can choose the hard mode. I used rules from an apocalypse-nuzlocke of DeviantArt so these rules are not mine but I made them a little bit easier. You can also use the original rules but they are really though and I never made it through and the game became annoying to me ^-^”

Most of these rules need a dice or RNG!


Following Scenarios are possible:

  1. The town is crowded with zombies, you have to hurry! You can use the Center only once!
  2. No risk no fun. You made it to use the Center for three times before Zombies showed up.
  3. This

town is very safe. You can use the Center here as often as you want. But if you decide to travel to the next town, you cannot return to heal your Pokémon! Exceptional Case: To train new Pokémon you are allowed to use the Center or buy potions and use berries if you have Zombies in your team.

The level limit complies with the weakest team member. You can train your Pokémon until its two levels weaker than your weakest. If your weakest team member has level 8 you can train your new Pokémon until it has reached level 6.


Of course, upon entering a new town or city, you will want to run to the Pokemart for supplies. But again, this is a zombie apocalypse. There is no guarantee that it is safe for you to search for items. You must use the RNG to determine how many items you can find.

This is done by determining exactly how many items the store sells and putting 1 to that number into the RNG. Whatever number you get is how many different items you may get.

Example: A Pokemart is selling Pokeballs, Potions, Paralze Heals, Antidotes and Awakenings. That is five different items. You would then put 1 through 5 into the RNG. Say you did that, and ended up with three. You are then allowed to get three different items here. But it is not over yet.

Now that you know how many different kinds of items you are able to find, or rather, allowed to purchase, you must use the RNG to determine which items those will be.

Example: 1)Poke Balls 2) Potions 3) Paralyze Heals 4) Antidotes 5) Awakenings

You roll a 1, a 2 and a 4. This means the three different items you are permitted to get here are only Pokeballs, Potions, and Antidotes. But it is still not over yet.

Now that you know which items you will be finding, all that is left is to determine how many of said item you find, or are allowed to buy. For each item you are permitted to get, you may roll 1 through 10 in the RNG. Whatever number you get for each item is the amount of said item you can find here.

Example: For Pokeballs you roll a 2, for Potions, a 5, and Antidotes, a 7. This means you have found two Pokeballs, five Potions, and seven Antidotes in this town.

Once you have used the Pokemart in a town or city once, it cannot be used again, for you have found all there is to find there.

Suggestion: Sometimes you cannot buy all items you can „find“. Now it’s optional if you want to buy them later in another Mart or you decide that you just cannot “carry” these items with you now and they are gone for ever.


All items you can find or get from NPCs you can keep and use.



Here you give a caught Pokémon into the Wondertrade. You have to check the level limit. If the Pokémon is too strong, you must use the Wondertrade until you get a Pokémon what fits.

If you like it here though as well then you can say that you are allowed to use the Wondertrade only three times per caught Pokémon.


And that’s it, that’s my Zombielocke and I hope it works well. I started several games more than once to check if the rules work or not but I never played a game completely!

If there is any issue with the rule set or something else just let me know and I will try to work on the rules again or you can tell me what you did instead.




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