The New Year's Fan Run Extravaganza is an annual awards event put on by the members of the Nuzlocke Forums to recognize the "best of" among all the fan runs.

List of extravaganzas
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Awards structureEdit

The awards are divided into several "groups", each group containing similar awards. In the most recent awards, individual runs could be nominated for multiple awards in each group; previously, authors had to choose which award they wanted their run to be polled for if they earned enough nominations to qualify for multiple awards in the same group.

Current awardsEdit

Sorted by group

  1. Characters
    • Best Main Character
    • Best Pokemon
    • Best Rival
    • Best Other Character
    • Best Villain
    • Best Pokemon Team
  2. Style
    • Best Art Style
    • Best Writing Style
    • Best Screenshot Commenting
  3. Trials
    • Saddest Death
    • Best Battle (not awarded 2012)
    • Best Incomplete Run (merged from Best Abandoned Run/Best Failed Run)
  4. Content
    • Funniest Run (part of previous Group 4)
    • Best Plot (part of Group 2 previously)
    • Most Imaginative (part of Group 2 previously)
    • Most Improved (part of Group 2 previously)
  5. Overall (was Group 6 previously)
    • Best Comic
    • Best Written Run
    • Best Screenshot Run
    • Best Misc. Run

Defunct awardsEdit

  • Best Mixed Media Run (part of group 6/5) 2011-12
  • Best Abandoned Run (part of Group 4/3) 2010-12
  • Best Failed Run (part of Group 4/3) 2010-12
  • Best E4 Challenge (part of Group 3) 2010-11
  • Worst Wipe (part of Group 3) 2010-11
  • Best Comeback (part of Group 3) 2010-11
  • Most Dramatic Run (part of previous Group 4) 2010-11
  • Best Filler (part of previous Group 5) 2011
  • Best Guest Contribution (part of previous Group 5) 2010-11
  • Best Reaction Face 2010



  • Only runs that qualify as "Fan Challenge Runs" are eligible - thus Pokemon Hard Mode in never eligible, and neither are any runs from "Other Adventures".
  • Runs that have previous won an award cannot be nominated for the same award again.
  • A run qualifies as "abandoned" if it is neither failed nor completed but has not been updated in over four months.

Nominating phaseEdit

  • Once the nominating period opens, forum members can each nominate up to three runs (or three individual characters for Group 1) for each award category.
  • When the nomination period closes, the top 5 or 6 runs for each category will be picked for the upcoming polling.
    • There must be at least 3 runs with more than 2 nominations for the category to appear in the poll.
    • If more than 5 or 6 runs have a tied amount of votes (such as, say, 1 run with 6 votes, 2 runs with 5 votes, and 6 runs with 4 votes), each run will be placed in the poll.
  • If a given run has enough nominations for multiple contests within an awards group, the run's author will be asked to pick at most two contests in which the run will appear on the ballot.


Once the ballots are finalized, the polls officially go up. Each forum member is allowed one vote per award contest. In 2011, "trivia awards" were announced along with the overall winners; from 2012 on, second- and third-place winners were announced.


  • While "Best Comeback" was a category in the 2012 Extravaganza, not enough nominations were given for it to appear on the ballot later.
  • The decision to allow a run to qualify for multiple awards in the same group was made partway through the 2012 nomination period. This ultimately resulted in Ken's Fire Red Kick@$$ Mode to appear in the ballot a record eight times, winning six awards (sweeping Group 1) and coming in second for the other two. This caused some backlash, with forum members raising the criticism that the sheer popularity of the run allowed it to win many categories it arguably shouldn't have. Forum admin and Extravaganza organizer lyrical responded that there "are pros and cons" to the rule change, and that limitations would likely be reinstated for the 2013 edition.
    • In 2013, runs were limited to two contests per group, resulting in a record four runs winning four or more awards.

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