Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke
by Shinon
Began 10/17/10
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 16 chapters
Game information
Game Emerald
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Water
Comic description
Media pencil
Coloring black and white
Protagonist original design
Story details
Plot game-based
Pokemon all speak
Nuzlocke Forum

Known for its beautiful art (especially the Pokemon designs) and its dynamic characters, Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke is an ongoing run created by Shinon currently in its sixteenth chapter. The first official comic was created on October 17th, 2010. The story follows Nessa, the main character, on her Pokemon adventure through Hoenn, in which she meddles in the affairs of Teams Magma and Aqua - and she may have a bit of a past herself...

The RulesEdit

Nessa's Emerald Challenge follows the standard Nuzlocke rules, plus a common fan rule and one extra:

  1. Catch only the first Pokemon per area.
  2. Fainted Pokemon is dead Pokemon.
  3. All Pokemon will be named.
  4. No items outside of battle.


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Main TeamEdit

  • Nessa, (f) Pokemon trainer
  • "Gis" Gismundr, (m) Swampert - starter Mudkip, 1.1
  • Fenrir, (m) Mightyena - caught as Poochyena, 2.1
  • "Jorry" Jormundgar, (f) Gyarados - caught as Magikarp,
  • Thorn, (m) Aggron - caught as Aron, 5.2
  • "Ey" Eyjafjall, (f) Camerupt - caught as Numel, 9.1
  • "Sol" Solveig, (f) Altaria - caught as Swablu, 12.1

Past Team MembersEdit

  • Alhildr, (f) Ralts - caught 2.1, died 4.3
  • Vermundr - caught 2.2, died

Other CharactersEdit

  • Brandon
  • Archie
  • Steven Stone
  • May


  • Nessa's Pokemon are named with a Nordic theme.
  • Thorn and Sol sing very often in the comic. Thorn has a grunge/metal voice (obviously) such as Ensiferum (though he has covered Disney as well), and Sol has a beautiful flowing soprano voice. Despite the very different quality of their voices, they will sometimes sing duets (for example: Delain's "The Gathering"). Shinon will usually point readers to YouTube videos corresponding to the songs Thorn and Sol cover.
  • While relatively uncommon, there are occasional references to the real world, such as Nessa comparing Gis to Yoda from Star Wars.


Nessa's Emerald Challenge is available on ShadeofShinon's deviantArt gallery and in its respective Nuzlocke Forums thread.

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